September 3rd, 2021

#7800: Oof.

And when I say "oof" I really mean oof.

Anonymous Conservative:
Gun company Remington has subpoenaed any and all educational records, including the report cards, attendance records, and disciplinary records of five kindergarten and first grade students murdered in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. They want records on four teachers as well. I can’t imagine Remington intends to reveal anything. But the game of Chicken is quite intriguing. The clear implication is those kids and teachers might not exist.
Holy crap--if that's the truth, we'll never hear about it, of course, but wow. The fact that the gun company is doing that tends to make one wonder, doesn't it?

In order to believe the "Sandy Hook" story you first need to trust what the government--particularly the FBI--said about it...and after four years of the Trump administration, and eighteen months of "two weeks to flatten the curve", I no longer believe any-fucking-thing our government says.

* * *

As always, my answer is, "You first." Douchebag professor says that white people should commit suicide as a way to eliminate racism and privilege. He's white, us how it's done, asshat. If you are so uncommitted to your plan of action that you won't take the measure yourself, then shut the fuck up about it because adults are trying to talk.

* * *

Speaking of utterly worthless people, the communist teacher is fearing for his safety after Project Veritas made him this week's viral video sensation. Behold my field of fucks and witness that it is barren etc.

* * *

Now, wait a second! I'm told that China is a veritable paradise where people don't have to worry about housing and food and clothing and medical care, so why are people having to work 72-hour workweeks? How can it be that the government is only now getting around to limiting the workweek to 44 hours? I think this story is racist, right-wing propaganda!


Okay, sarcasm off--the fact that working conditions in a communist nation are utterly horrific do not surprise me one iota, and the fact that the communist government is doing all these things to make the proles' lives easier indicates to me that they're seriously worried about losing control of the country.

Be a miracle if they went to get Taiwan and then the whole government collapsed from within due to popular revolt.

* * *

So, there's a big "right wing" to-do being talked about for the 18th. Of course, I am skeptical that any of the "right-wing" groups that are supposed to be holding the thing are anything other than FBI shill operations, and I'm not going to go anywhere near them. I'm pretty confident the whole thing is just going to be an excuse for the feds to clamp down on the country. Start confiscating firearms, shutting down free speech and assembly, etc. Setting up gulags. The whole nine yards.

Some folks are theorizing that the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is going to be a big one, too. We've certainly allowed an unknown number of actual terrorists into the country via our opened southern border, to say nothing of the "refugees" being brought into the country by the Biden regime as part of the Biden Debacle. The Taliban can provide them with any amount of big weaponry, too. With the right help from the FBI, I'm sure a lot of those guys could cause a heck of a lot of trouble, and that would also give them a big excuse to go after "right wing terrorists", wouldn't it?

Whatever the case is, I honestly expect the next couple of weeks to be, eh, "interesting", and will be greatly surprised if nothing much happens.

* * *

Today I had to go to the near offsite. You see, AT&T was unhappy because there was a signal coming from the site which was interfering with one of their cell towers. So it fell to me to escort the guy from AT&T around the site as he carried a gizmo with a Yagi antenna that looked at the radio spectrum. And right in the middle of his display was a fat spike, which he said was the interfering signal.

He traced it to an antenna on the outside of the 2nd floor of the production building. I followed the cable from where it came into the building, and it turned out to lead to a cell phone booster in the server room there. I unplugged it, and blip the spike went away at that exact moment.

Left it off for thirty seconds, then powered it back on...and no interference. So the guy from AT&T is going to keep an eye on it and let me know if it starts up again with the interference. We may need to replace it; and if so, no biggie.

Kind of interesting, but that consumed my morning. Which was actually kind of good, because my afternoon featured a big nothing.

Most people took the day off. (Holiday weekend.) I have a bare handful of tickets in my queues, and none of them are things I can do anything with. For example, one ticket is for a hard drive that was sent to data recovery. They got the drive yesterday, and so I have to wait until they tell me if they found anything, and that's not happening fast. So that ticket's on hold.

Next one is for something that's taking place on September 30th, so that one is on hold. The third one is for a guy who came back from a leave and suddenly his company phone doesn't have SMS. I need to go look at that in person, so I'm handling it next week.

Same thing for tasks. Replace a computer for a guy who has not answered so much as one email since November. He still works there; his boss confirmed that but won't actually tell the guy to pay attention, because reasons, so that task is on hold. Two other PC replacements, the two that I tried to handle a week ago, and then on this past Tuesday, and couldn't. They'll wait until next week, too. And the last one--

I don't have any docking stations for laptops. I've been out of them since May. They've been on order since June. I have gotten no docking stations yet. This woman says she got an "old" docking station when she started (for her new laptop) and it died, and she needs a new one, so I sent her a nice email saying, "You'll get one as soon as I get them, but..." and put the ticket on hold for the next three weeks.

So I spent my afternoon at work literally with nothing that I could do to make any of those tickets go any further.

But now it's the weekend, and not a moment too soon!