September 7th, 2021

#7805: The majesty of creation

Went outside to see if the dewpoint had started dropping yet--

At work this afternoon I was at my desk, minding my own business, when my phone emitted a screech that indicated weather alert. Tornado warning, it said.

Checked the weather web site; there was "radar indicated rotation" in a storm ten miles west of the plant. As soon as I'd gotten the warning I put it into the group chat so my boss would know where I went if I had to hit the shelter, but they hadn't blown the sirens where I was, so I stayed put.

...but my coworkers--particularly the ones in Pennsylvania-New York-New Jersey area--were all telling me I had to go to the shelter now! Tornadoes are nothing to mess with!

I told 'em that I'd go when the sirens near me blew, but that the rotation was ten miles away at least. I think they were a bit befuddled at my calm demeanor.

Turned out that the warning expired before the rain even got to where I was.


* * *

Can you say "complete media blackout"? I knew you could! Odd how absolutely no one is talking about the truckers' anti-lockdown strike in Australia, and how it's making the whole Oz economy shudder to a stop.

That post also contains a link to another site that has a linkdump of similar protests all over the world. The people do not want vax mandates, do not want vax passports, do not want more lockdowns, do not want mask mandates, do not want anything the governments of the world are trying to force on them.

I've noticed that the left is going nuts again...and as Limbaugh pointed out, they always go crazy when they're out of power. Perhaps when they feel their power slipping, they do the same?

* * *

Anyway, so we had a stormy afternoon, though it was all done by the time I left work. I hit the store for some sundries, then came home, and sat here banging keys and trying to figure out what to do with the result (useless crap, mostly, but it keeps the writing juice flowing) and then I went outside to check the dewpoint.

To the south, a massive thunderstorm towering high into the stratosphere, dyed orange by the light of the setting sun. The sun had set where I was standing, but not up there, and I watched it, thinking I'd see it slowly turn purple as the Earth rotated. It stayed orange, gradually losing saturation and turning pink, though. Then I noticed the lightning to the south--"heat lightning", which is what they used to call far-off thunderstorms, and watched that for a while.

It's cool outside, but still a bit sticky, so I'll leave the AC on for a while longer.