September 9th, 2021

#7807: They're doing what they should have done first.

Elio announced, today, that they intend to build the electric version of their three-wheeler first.

The Elio-E is supposed to have a 150 mile range and cost $14,500.

I've said and said that they should have done the electric thing first, and gotten all those sweet, sweet government "low emissions" subsidies out there. Get the thing into production, and then come out with the gasoline version.

Depending on how the financing would work I would be sorely tempted to get the electric version. With my current commute, a 150-mile range would last me a week. Even going to the near off-site isn't that much farther.

I do smell a whole lotta "if" comin' off of this plan, because Elio Motors has already disappointed me once, and I am still not planning to put down a deposit on one, because the first car was vaporware. When there's a dealership I can go to and test drive one (even if I can't buy one off the lot) that is when I'll put down a deposit.

But $14.5k for an electric is not a bad price, and if you get in early enough there should be a federal tax credit involved. That's not money in your pocket, but it saves you money you'd otherwise give to the feds.

So, yeah--I'll be watching this with great interest, but I won't hold my breath.

* * *

Biden's vaccination diktat is pretty bad. It certainly arrogates a great deal of power to the federal government which it did not formerly have.

The really funny bit: near the top it says, "Requiring COVID-⁠19 Vaccinations for Over 17 Million Health Care Workers at Medicare and Medicaid Participating Hospitals and Other Health Care Settings". Then, near the bottom, it says, "Increasing Support for COVID-Burdened Hospitals".

The thing is, the medical people you're going to require vaccinations for are going to quit rather than take the thing, and that's going to make more severe the shortage of hospital staff that was ongoing for decades, long before the Wuhan Flu was even a twinkle in Tony Fauci's eye. I wonder what form this "support" will take when the hospitals can't hire people with the skills required to do the work?

* * *

The democrat party is still the party of slavery!
"Forced labor and child labor are morally reprehensible and every company carries the responsibility to ensure their supply chains are free and fair," Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney, a New York Democrat, said.

"However [current law] already bars U.S. imports of any good that was produced with slave or child labor."
Yep. You know what "current law" also bars? Employing illegal aliens. Yet somehow, all those illegals who get into the country manage to get jobs, even if they're cash-only day-labor jobs.

I bet that I--if I tried really hard--could come up with a bunch of other things that happen all the fucking time but which are proscribed by "current law".

Here's a good one: how about all those multiple felons who repeatedly get caught carrying firearms, yet who never seem to run afoul of the "mandatory sentencing" that the "current law" requires for such crimes?

The simple fact is that "current law" is not enforced, and so companies like Apple get away with importing products made with slave labor. But the democrats don't mind that at all. They never met a dictator they didn't like, and they've always been the party of slavery.

* * *

Another action proscribed by "current law": Excluding people from a government relief program due to their race. 100% Joe Biden regime doing that, of course.

* * *

Leftists have nothing to teach, not even grammar: "You have to fight for the right NOT TO have white privilege." You split an infinitive there, you racist piece of shit.

* * *

And here I thought this article would be about WHERE THE ELECTRICITY IS COMING FROM but alas, it's about how easily hacked the chargers are.


* * *

"Biden can no longer guarantee that his military will obey orders to nuke gun owners, and that scares the crap out of them."

* * *

After getting home from work, I hied me out to the garage and took the front wheel off the motorcycle. Tomorrow, right after lunch, I'll take it over to the Yamaha dealership and see if they're willing to fix the leak for me. They mounted that tire for me, so I don't see why not.

Anyway, I decided to make chili tonight, so off I go.