September 10th, 2021

#7808: Don't worry! It's a TAX!

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I sat on the can for a few minutes as always. Read somewhere that the republicans are spinning up lawyers to get the Biden regime's unconstitutional mandate struck down. And I said to myself, "Why bother? The Roberts supreme court will simply declare that the vaccine is a tax."

After all, the Constitution is just a piece of paper that the democrats alternately wipe their asses with, and shove in our faces, depending on what they need. In the same vein, you have to realize that "my body, my choice" only applies to abortions, not to vaccinations.

But then we have this NYT headline: "Biden's vaccine mandate is a big mistake."

Bustednuckles agrees, saying it's a massive "own goal". He points out that the postal service is exempted from the vaccine mandate, as are illegal aliens.

Someone else pointed out that while Americans are now barred from going to Mexico because of the Wuhan Flu, illegal aliens are not barred from crossing the border en masse.

Cold Fury says this is the last straw.

Intrepid Reporter says this is meant to provoke a reaction from the right wing (see the prior link) and advises calm. But then he also says this: "I'm getting intel that MANY Regular Army Units are in almost open rebellion mode now. Troops are openly mocking the CinC (illegal to do on active duty) and daring the can't cunt commanders to try something." (Emphasis removed.)

And Larry Correia unleases another one of his epic rants.
...[K]eep in mind all of our current political bullshit is because the Biden Administration really wants you to forget that they just caused the biggest military fuckup in American history. There are still Americans trapped in Afghanistan because we ABANDONED them there. (something that would normally be inconceivable). Our friends are dead, or soon will be. America has never looked weaker. We have never looked like a worse ally. Nobody is going to be foolish enough to trust us again, all because of how badly this administration sucks.
And that is only (almost literally) the beginning.

They're weak. They know they're weak. They're also incompetent, and because incompetence is incapable of good self-evaluation, they don't realize just how stupid they're being.

Somehow, they "fortified" the election...yet they don't have a supermajority in congress. They have a plurality in the senate, but that's only because the sitting "vice president" is a democrat. They've careened from stupid blunder to major error in a weird kind of idiotic brownian motion, culminating in the Biden Debacle in Afghanistan...and now, in a desperate attempt to change the subject and look like they're even remotely competent, they're doing this stupid crap.

And it's not working.

It's obvious that Biden is not running things; his brain is cottage cheese. His wife is not, and Kamala Harris is not. My theory is that Obama and Valerie Jarrett are running things; after his second term ended Obama set up an office in DC and continued to tell democrats what moves to make. It's not even remotely constitutional, of course, but it makes sense.

The thing is, though, that Obama is also an incompetent.

As president, Obama had the entire gigantic federal leviathan behind him, making sure he didn't screw up. He didn't have to think or decide; all he had to do was to do what the advisors told him to do, to read the words on the teleprompter, and not to reveal what he and his "body man", Reggie Love, really do together.

But operating on his own stick? The feds are on his side but he can't be seen talking to them, because people would start to wonder why someone who is supposed to be retired is still hanging around the halls of power. So, you can't have daily briefings from all the alphabet soup guys who get paid huge salaries to be experts, and you have to pay for your own staff out of whatever stipend you get from the feds for such things.

The thing is, a lot of the people in the Gangster Party are smart, but they're not genius-level smart. They're good at whatever it is they're in (for certain values of "good") but they don't really know as much as they think they do, and they sure as hell aren't as smart as they think they are. And that's the problem, because not only do they think they're a lot smarter than they actually are; they also think that the hoi polloi are a lot dumber than they actually are.

This was never more obvious than it was during the first Trump administration, where they kept trying and trying to get something on him, only it kept failing, time and again. The tactics always worked before, so they had to work now! ...except they didn't.

Because they went once too often to the well. The weekly (or fortnightly) attemps to smear Trump with this or that or the other thing--it just got old after a while, but the democrat-media complex (DMC) thought that if they pretended each new attempt was happening in a vacuum, you'd forget about the fifty other attempts they'd made before it.

But all of that came on the heels of eight years of the press fellating Obama in highly conspicuous fashion. And it came on the heels of decades of declaring every inconvenient thing "racist", something they started doing again as soon as Obama was "former president". And--

And the real problem is that they are confusing their own press releases with reality. I don't doubt that what they're saying is what they wish were true (like that asshat science git wishing 8,000 republicans were dying of Wuhan Flu per week) but no matter how hard they push the story, it just isn't the truth.

Like Ivermectin being horse dewormer and "dangerous" when used by humans. It's not. The guy who invented it won a Nobel Prize for inventing the stuff, because it's such an effective drug against parasites, like the worm that causes "river blindness" in humans. They're trying to push that because nothing must interrupt the vaccinations, because reasons, and if there's a cheap and effective treatment for the Wuhan Flu, it obviates the need for vaccinations, and then there's no gravy train for the democrats' buddies in Big Pharma, and there's no route to vaccine passports and total domination of the populace.

...and they need that. They need it precisely because their position has grown so unexpectedly weak. "Fortifying" the election was necessary because eight uninterrupted years of Trump at the helm would have ruined them. There would have been investigations and convictions and jail time for a lot of people, in spite of the bureaucracy's best efforts.

So they tipped their hand in a big way. They were already riding a tiger, but what they've done with the events of the past 18 months is to juice that tiger with steroids, to the point that it's starting into "'roid rage". If they cannot stay on that tiger, being thrown off now would be worse than it would have been if the election hadn't been fortified.

And they cannot, in fact, stay on that tiger. They think they can; their hubris leads them to think that as the "smartest people in the room, if not ever" they can run us right down the rails to fascism--real, honest-to-God fascism!--and thus shoot the tiger before they get thrown off. Because they think--incorrectly--that the rubes in the hinterlands are too stupid to recognize what's happening.

They can't do what they want to do. They think they can, because their playbook worked in Russia and Germany and Italy, but the instant they actually try to take away the guns or put people into internment camps or whatever their next step is, a lot of people are going to stand up and say, "No," firmly.

And four hundred million guns in the hands of three hundred million people will prove to be a rather intractable obstacle to their desires. (And "four hundred million" is the conservative estimate, by the way. I'd bet it's actually closer to six hundred million.)

If Intrepid Reporter's rumor mill is accurate, the armed forces are not going to obey unlawful orders--at least, not as a cohesive force. Oh...the generals will, and the colonels, and maybe most of the majors and captains...but once you get down into the second lieutenants and the sergeants I expect things to be a mite bit different. Some units will obey 100%, but others will undertake "malicious compliance", and still others will say, "Uh, no; fuck you, sir."

"Malicious compliance": "Sir, as you know, regulation XYZ requires that ammunition load-out be specified, and when you told us to gear up you did not tell me to issue ammunition to the men. We don't have any bullets."

"Fine! Break them out and issue two mags to each soldier."

"Sir. The ammunition is not here; it's back at the base. Regulation--"

"I'm going to have you court-martialed for this!"

"That's your prerogative, sir. With all due respect, good luck."

And even if the Gangster Party had 100% compliance with the entire US military, there are only about three million of them at best. That's if you give every last swinging dick (or swinging labia) a gun and tell them to go shoot insurrectionists, which our military can't do since it's not built that way. If just five percent of gun owners oppose them--well, that's an argument plainly made many times, so I need not reiterate it now.

The point is, these people have backed themselves into a corner. During the runup to January 6th I repeatedly implored the democrats to let it go and just toss those responsible under the bus. That was a time to cut their losses and give it up. It would have meant no democrat political control of government for a good twenty years, but even while they were losing elections they could continue to solidify their control behind the scenes. A lot of prominent Gangster Party people would have gone to jail, but they would have been able to continue their plans.

Now? If they do everything just right, their painstakingly constructed apparatus is going to be demolished in detail but without undue bloodshed. The problem is, this is not a gang who have E.V.E.R. managed to do anything "just right". And so, when the populace has finally had enough of their bullshit, it is not going to be pretty.

* * *

Nearly everything the federal government has done in the 21st century has been disastrous for the long-term viability of our nation. There were a great many times when it would have been prudent for us to take our lumps and rebuild.

"Nation building" should have been right off the table; just get into Afghanistan, kneecap the Taliban, get Osama Bin Laden, and then get out again, period. Going into Iraq was a mistake; although it did keep the islamic world's eyes focused on something other than the United States, there was no good reason for us to go there. Saddam Hussein was contained. There was no threat. It was just younger Bush getting revenge for his father's failures. And also making sure that the big military contractors got paid a lot of money.

The beginning of the depression--"too big to fail" was the death knell for capitalism in the US. It's now entirely fascist; the government picks winners and losers in the financial world and does its utmost to protect large banks from their poor decisions. It would have been much better for the long term if mismanaged businesses had been allowed to fail. But of course that meant that a lot of Gangster Party members wouldn't get sweet Wall Street cash to pad their bank accounts.

Patriot Act--should not have been enacted. What the Patriot Act attempts to do could have been done better a hundred other ways that did not infringe on civil rights. The point was not to stop terrorism; the point was control.

* * *

9/11 was a little bit shy of twenty years ago. There's nothing I can say about it that I haven't already said time and again, so I do not expect to do much (if any) retrospecting on the topic.

I don't think it was an "inside job" but the government sure milked that crisis, didn't it?

* * *

Shifting gears--

Took the bike's front wheel to the bike shop today. They'll call me when it's done. That probably won't be until next week, though, worse luck.

Took a few minutes just to slow-walk to the door and ogle the motorcycles on the showroom floor. I didn't see anything that really appealed to me, though. Mostly sport bikes and cruisers.

The "standard" seems to be a thing of the past, at least for the most part. When I look at "standard" class motorcycles, I see "sportbike without body panels". Sample: Honda CB650R. If you look at the image there, the rider's feet are on pegs set just ahead of the rear swingarm. There are no "forward" pegs, which means you lean forward when riding the thing. That's a sportbike, without the sportbike body.

So we still have the same choice: sportbike, or cruiser. be honest, I like the look of Honda's Trail 125. It's not going to take you long distances but it will get you around town pretty nicely, and it's got off-road capability to boot. Base price is about $4k, and it's got a fuel-injected engine to boot. But I'm not going to replace a 450cc bike with one that has 1/4 the displacement. This would be an "in addition to", and that's going to wait until enough of them have sold that some show up on the used market.

* * *

Anyway, it's Friday. Can you beat that?