September 14th, 2021

#7814: A monitor with no legs

Monitor arm came today. I had to go to the hardware store to get the right size mounting bolt for the through-desk mount, because what they included was huge and wrong. As a bonus, instead of having to hand-tighten a plastic wingnut with a brass insert onto a steel carriage bolt, I instead bought a fender washer and a nut of the correct kind. So I was able to tighten it with a wrench. It should not go anywhere, at least not without permission.

Meanwhile, the monitor floats about 6" above the desk, and I can now use the space under it for storage. I mean, that's what I've done for years, but now there won't be a monitor stand in the way.

This is progress.

Anyway, $3 and a trip to the hardware store to make the $26 version of a $60 monitor arm work--I still came out ahead on that one.

* * *

Work today--

Went to the far offsite and was finally able to deploy a replacement PC. For a wonder, the other one I have to do there ASAP is at a workstation with a monitor that has a DisplayPort input on it--so all I need there is a DP cable! Will wonders never cease!!

* * *

So I'm gonna do an all-politics post, in order not to confuse the issues of the day with the really important stuff--

Driving back to the plant from the far offsite I put in my Alan Parsons' Project Omnibus disk and was enjoying the hell out of I, Robot, and noticed that it sounded fantastic.

I'm not used to my car audio sounding fantastic. I'm used to it sounding "good enough", because I never cared to spend a great deal of money on something which is going to have to fight against road and wind noise. I don't think I've ever spent more than around $100 on a car stereo, and the last time I ever installed aftermarket speakers in a car was 1990, when I put a stereo into my 1977 Impala, so I could listen to cassettes on my way to work and school every day. I had a pair of monster 6x9 speakers with 20 oz magnets. I ended up using coat hangers (no, really) to hang them under the rear shelf.

1991 Escort had a cassette deck in it from the factory. So did the 1993 Thunderbird. They were fine. The 1995 Escort (green) had a cassette deck, too, but in 1999 or 2000 I replaced it with a CD player. That got moved to the 1995 Escort (red) when the green one got totaled. The Fiero, that job had been done by the original owner. The Jeep--I forget exactly what I paid for the stereo, but it wasn't too much, as I bought it at Target with my employee discount. Under $90, as I recall.

The Jeep's speakers have been wonky from the day I got it, anyway. Sometime last month I was getting out while the stereo was on, and when I opened the door, the speaker cut out. Bad wiring--I've known that wiring was bad from the get-go and just never bothered to fix it. I mostly use the rear speakers, anyway; the front ones are in the doors and if I don't hold my left leg just right I can't hear the front left speaker, anyway. But I'll tell you, the audio waves from the speaker were beating against my pants leg. I could feel it moving.

So I had a very pleasant drive back to the plant, even though it was getting on towards rush hour. Nice to listen to some good music and to be able to hear it all.

* * *

The best way to deal with this nonsense is to walk. I am no longer on the market--happily married!--but when I was on the market, in the dark days before I met the woman who would become Mrs. Fungus, there is no way in hell I would have entertained signing such a document. With or without Divemedic's addenda.

* * *

I'm getting really sick of some of the crap that's coming up in my Pandora feed. So I've established some new rules.

4) Anything from a movie or TV show soundtrack=NO
5) Anything with "Fairy" or "Faerie" or "Celtic" in the title=FUCK NO
6) Anything by anyone with the surname "Arkenstone"=NO
7) Anything by Peter Buffett=NO

* * *

No phone call from the bike shop yet. I figure I'll give 'em a call about 11:30-ish tomorrow to ask about my front tire.

Anyway, that's it for the non-politics. Let's clear some tabs!

#7815: What do you call it when the military refuses to listen to the commander in chief?

The leaders of the American military basically carried out a coup.

And why did General Milley take this step?
Trump planned to order troops out of Afghanistan, and Milley, the supposed military advisor, decided that the president should not have the power to direct the armed forces.
Emphasis removed, because even presenting it the way Ace did does not describe the magnitude of this man's crime against the Constitution.

Here's where the rubber meets the road: there is a circumstance where the armed forces can disobey or otherwise thwart the commands issued by the commander in chief: when they are illegal. So if Joe Biden got up and said, "Okay, I want you guys to nuke Omaha, so we can show those anti-vaxx people that we mean business," the leaders of our military would have a constitutional obligation to refuse those orders. It's clearly an illegal order, given that there is no active insurrection taking place, and the act of nuking a city kills millions of innocent civilians. It would be a war crime.

Another example would be if Mike Pence shot Trump dead and declared himself president. The military would be bound not to follow any of Pence's orders because he had assassinated the sitting president--committed a major crime--to elevate himself to the office.

But Trump was the lawfully-elected president, and his term of office was not over. He had not been removed from office and he had not issued any unlawful orders. (And anyone who thinks Trump ordered or incited the Potempkin Insurrection is fucking delusional.)

Milley really did commit treason.
Milley took extraordinary action, and called a secret meeting in his Pentagon office on January 8 to review the process for military action, including launching nuclear weapons. Speaking to senior military officials in charge of the National Military Command Center, the Pentagon's war room, Milley instructed them not to take orders from anyone unless he was involved
What Milley did there was to usurp the president's role as commander in chief of the military. The military, in effect, removed Trump from his role as commander in chief and substituted a military junta.

"The entire thing was orchestrated by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Speaker of the House, in concert with, and at the direction of, the Chinese government."

But it gets even worse than that.
The fact that Milley unilaterally decided to disobey the orders of the Commander in Chief, along with his immediate subordinates means that the US military is no longer under civilian control. Not only that, but this also means that no one who is in the military has any obligation to obey the orders of their superiors.
We are not a republic any longer. We're a military junta.

* * *

So, regarding the Coof:

26 randomized double-blind studies demonstrating that Ivermectin is effective against the Coof.

"'Jimmy Kimmel is laughing and cracking jokes about the demographics of people who died of COVID".

* * *


There is a labor shortage because, somehow, it's still more money to be on unemployment than it is to work. Reason? "The US government is practically pouring bags of cash out of helicopters."

Even with the expiration of the bonus unemployment (like $300 a month) people with kids get extra money for every kid they have. I think it's $300 per child. A lot of the people who fall into "unskilled labor" don't think about saving for the future or doing anything other than what feels good right now, so they're fine with letting government pick up the tab for everything, because it means they don't have to work at all.

So the leftists are claiming it's because wages are too low, but wages would not be "too low" if government largesse were to be reined in.

* * *

There are shortages. They just don't look like shortages, because supermarkets hate the way bare shelves look.

* * *

Bayou Renaissance Man goes into the kind of detail that I couldn't muster regarding what is happening to our supply chain.

You thought it was bad when you couldn't buy toilet paper? Give it three months and it's going to be everything, approximately at random.

* * *

An illegal alien complains that he doesn't get to vote in American elections. Cry me a fucking river. And go back to where you belong, you criminal trespasser.

* * *

The problem I have, with all the bullshit that's going on of late, is that it's all too much for my little brain. The country that I knew and used to love has gone to shit in so many ways, I can no longer keep track of it, and by now I can't even feel outrage any more.

Each new insult is just, "Oh, wow, so that's how that went? Well, how surprising." I was amazed that Milley's treason got to me, because the guy's a cowardly, communist toad, and I was certain that there was a limit to the perfidy of which he was capable. Of course, no one ever went hungry by overestimating how venal people can be, and I should really divest myself of the tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt. Particularly when they've already been demontrated to be corrupt.

Oh well. There's not much I can do or say from here. Just gotta keep punching.