September 17th, 2021

#7820: That picture of Admiral Akbar is needed here.

The one that shows the Mon Calamari admiral yelling, "It's a trap!"

...yes the protest being held in DC tomorrow, sponsored entirely by the FBI: your friendly neighborhood G-men!

Check out what Rotten Chestnuts has to say about it:
...Totally Legit Joe is headin' out on vacation today.

Not even the Totally Legit Junta is that tone deaf. Not even these dolts can fail to see the horrible optics of that.

Ergo, when the pre-arranged shit hits the pre-positioned fan, Totally Legit Joe can rush back to the Capitol...
Everyone with half a brain knows this thing is a false flag, wholly funded by the FBI, in order to give the Biden regime an excuse to drop a boot on everyone's face.

One of the memes that's going around, in various forms, features a ring of Spider-man look-alikes all pointing at each other, and most of them are labeled "FBI undercover agent" or "FBI informant", except for one, which is labeled with some variation of "socially awkward young man who thinks he finally has some friends". That's what that rally is going to be, tomorrow. Anyone who attends it is either a government stooge of one stripe or another, or else is too clueless to understand what it actually is. In neither case are any of the attendees going to be the kind of people the Gangster Party actually wants to put in the gulag, but that's irrelevant as long as they get their Potempkin Reichstag Fire 2.0.

Meanwhile, here are some actual numbers in the "government cuts off antibody shipments to southern states" imbroglio. Florida, for example, needs 70,000 doses...and is getting 30,000.

And so here we are: the democrats are cutting medical care for people they don't like. The party that has been insisting "health care is a right!" for decades is now punishing the sick for living in states which aren't following their diktats.

The left will naturally defend this action with the claim that these resources are limited and must be rationed, because the latest version of the Coof is so prevalent among "the unvaccinated". It doesn't matter how they rationalize it, because at the core of this move is their usual motivation: we'll just let people die for political points.

As I said previously, I think the smartest thing that the affected states could do would be to order up a few pallets' worth of Ivermectin and start handing it out.

* * *

I agree with Pixy Misa. So, yet another data breach, this time for a slot machine thing of some kind, and Pixy's right on the money:
Slot machine chain Dotty's suffered a data breach. (ZDNet)

Among the customer data leaked is (deep breath) social security numbers, drivers license and state ID numbers, passport details, financial account information, health insurance, treatment information, biometric data, MEDICAL RECORDS, tax details, and credit card numbers and expiry dates.

I can go a bit further, though. Most of the information they apparently collected is completely useless for that mission (put money in, lose money). I could see an ID number (driver's license, for example) and the credit card information. The latter, obviously, because that's how they get the money the user is betting. The former, to verify the person actually exists and is legal for gambling.

The rest of it? No.

* * *

I am so glad it's Friday night. FFS.