September 20th, 2021

#7823: Bleah!


* * *

John C. Wright says, basically, #DefundFBI.
Imagine being a stand-up guy, professional, squared-away, bold, having made rank in the toughest organization of its kind, imagine being a man strongly motivated to do a tough and unpleasant job and do it well, now seeing your bosses or teammate excreting perjuring testimony to a FISA court to unseat a sitting president, and then covering it up…and the good name of the FBI may never recover.

The institution should be abolished, and replaced from the ground up.
Amen to that.

* * *

The COVID-19 lies are crumbling.

* * *

It's Monday evening and I've really got nothing else.

Panic attack this morning, which needed a half-tab of Xanax, which left me feeling floppy all day. Despite that I managed to get a couple minor things done, and my monthly 1-on-1 with my boss went pretty well, so on balance it was not a bad day.

Wednesday evening is my first appointment for PT. We'll see how we do. Kind of looking forward to it, actually.

Weather's supposed to be rainy tomorrow and then cool and dry for the rest of the week. That'll be nice.

Sorry there's no smart words today. I'm flat.