September 21st, 2021

#7824: Failure theater, again, because why not?

There's a simple translation for this. The republicans will vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Ace's headline is, "Mitch McConnell: The GOP Will Not Vote to Raise the Debt Ceiling" but we all know that it ain't so. It's all failure theater, giving the democrats what they want while pretending not to.

Everything we've seen from the republican establishment since 2000 has been nothing but.

* * *

So, according to my calendar, tomorrow is the autumnal equinox, making today the last day of summer.

"Tomorrow will be 2m 45s shorter," says the weather web site, but they mean "daylight hours", not the actual day itself. Pretty sure that will still be the same length it always is.

Anyway, 2m 45s per day should be the maximum rate of change. It ought to start to decrease relatively soon.

* * *

Still no sign of the bike's front tire. *sigh* Well, weather's no good for riding for the next couple of days, anyway.

* * *

Can you believe that I went through the entire blogroll and came up with only one thing to comment on? And it didn't really inspire a lot of comment.

Well, some days are like that, I suppose. I just can't summon any concern for the shit-tastic direction the country is going, since the elections are now "fortified" to make sure the outcomes are uncontaminated by the will of the electorate.

So, what the hey.