November 1st, 2021

#7879: "Let's Go Brandon" is REALLY hurting them!

If it were not, there would not be this level of screaming from the left. The same people who were all "FUCK TRUMP" for four years now get a serious case of the vapors when someone says "Let's Go, Brandon" because it is code for "Fuck Joe Biden".

It's "not civil", they whine. It's dreadful that people could be so disrepectful towards the president!

TL:DR is that the left is hypocritical, which we knew all along. But their inability to stand "Let's Go, Brandon!" indicates how effective it is. They know (though they would not admit, even to themselves) that Biden didn't win the election fair and square; they know the people do not support him. They know that the Go Brandon regime has been one massive failure after another. The last thing they want, then, is a catchy and socially acceptable way for the people to express those sentiments.

Seriously: you can't arrest someone for yelling "Let's Go, Brandon!" because none of the words are offensive. The Secret Service can't legitimately investigate someone for saying it, because it's not threatening language.

The media hate it because saying "Let's Go, Brandon!" instead of "Fuck Joe Biden!" is the American people mocking the media, calling them out for a lame and obvious attempt at gaslighting. That's why they want to ruin the Southwest pilot who said it over the plane's PA, why they're trying to compare it to something said by ISIS jihadis, why they're suddenly clutching their pearl necklaces and taking to their fainting couches.

* * *

The press beclowns itself and claims it's hate speech when you point it out. Wolf Blitzed reports on the stupid climate summit from a city 50 miles away from the city where the climate summit is actually taking place.

Climate summit: Glasgow
Wolf Blitzed: Edinburgh

* * *

You need workers to get the work done.

No workers, no work getting done. Period. And it looks as if we're going there.


* * *

Well, it's November now. Whee.