November 3rd, 2021

#7882: Well, I guess it's true.

Who would have thought that "Your children are not YOURS to raise, proles!" was a losing campaign strategy? Well, it turns out that the Virginia democrat party didn't really think that one through.

Of course, now the democrat media complex is wondering if maybe they shouldn't call their own moderates racist all the time.

Ace says:
The problem with that is: That is literally all they have. All the left does is attack people and smear people and deplatform people and attempt to make people unemployable through vituperation and slander. They do not seek to persuade; they only seek to coerce. Both through campaigns of coordinated reputation damage and intentional infliction of psychological harm and, through their street militaries, through actual physical violence and physical coercion.

What would they do if they gave up on calling people "racists"?
Of course some leftist media asshat went on a tear about how "racism won in Virginia". Apparently she didn't get the memo.

Ha. The entire democrat-media complex didn't get that memo, and I don't think they even got it now. Calling people "racist" stopped working. Okay? It doesn't work any more, partly because we had Obama in the White House for eight years. WE ELECTED A BLACK MAN PRESIDENT, TWICE. STFU.

Brickmuppet explains what happened: voter turnout. He lives in Virginia, and went to vote yesterday. "I've been voting since 1988, and I have NEVER seen a line at the polls stretching out into the rain on an off year, let alone a state election. That was the case this afternoon."

A commentor remarked, "I am surprised that the Dems actually seem to care about being seen stealing elections this year, given they did not give a damn last year." That's the thing: they can't afford to be seen stealing a major election this soon after the 2020 debacle. Political capital is not infinite and they spent a lot of it to install Go Brandon in the White House. They had to get rid of Trump else a vast majority of them would have ended up in jail.

* * *

Emergency rooms are filling up with vaccine injury cases. Oh, no one is saying they are vaccine injuries, of course, but a startling number of young people are having sudden--and serious--heart problems. Healthy young people are suddenly keeling over with cardiac problems--heart attacks, clots in arteries, arrythmias, breathing problems--almost as if something was causing a lot of spurious blood clots to form in their arteries and veins.

I'd bet that each and every one of those cases were "fully vaccinated".

* * *

Bernie Sanders doesn't want Trump's State And Local Tax (SALT) cap to be lifted. You see, rich people need that deduction on their federal taxes because it saves them serious money, and they have enough money to pay the accountants and lawyers to figure out what those SALTs end up being.

The idea behind imposing the cap was to force rich people to pay the state taxes imposed by the left-wing politicians they supported, without giving them a break on their federal taxes. The average people don't make and spend enough money that their SALT aggregate is much above ten thousand dollars. But rich people do, and the cap hurts them, because they can only claim the first ten thousand dollars of such taxes and thereafter are on the hook for everything else.

But since the democrat party is the party of millionaires and billionaires, they want to raise that limit to $72,000, which is comfortably high enough that most of them will get to deduct all their SALT. If you make between $250k and $1 million a year, you'll get the most benefit from that limit being raised.

I think it's pretty funny, myself. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter whether or not they change it.

* * *

Not much else to report on. Went to work, did a bunch of stuff, came home. Thrillsville.