November 14th, 2021

#7896: If the police could enforce the law, it wouldn't be

It's because people are driving like complete shitheads, because the police stopped pulling them over for doing so.

I literally saw a guy run a red light in front of a cop, who just sat there and watched it happen.

Nearly every intersection in a two-mile radius around the plant has circular tire skidmarks where some shitheads are doing donuts.

People around here have taken to using left turn lanes as passing lanes. I frequently get tailgated while going "only" 45 in a 35. I see at least one person running a red light every week--and I don't mean "going through on the yellow and it changed" but "it's red you should stop".

That latter case--traffic lights around here are set up so that there are a couple of seconds where the light has turned red for one direction but the other direction remains red. This is meant as a buffer: it lets vehicles that went through on yellow clear the intersection. And I've seen people going through the intersection just as the opposing direction turns green, indicating that they had plenty of time and room to stop for the red light, and simply chose not to.

It's not the vaccine, it's not empty roads from the lockdown, it's not bigger engines. It's a lack of enforcement and a lack of punishment for breaking the fucking law. If you want fewer highway fatalities, stop letting people get away with driving like complete shitheads.

* * *

Yeah, this is pretty much how it happens. Short form is, Oklahoma National Guard is in mutiny over the feds' vaccine mandates. This particular mutiny may--or may not--be put down by the feds, but the feds must tread very carefully here. What they do in response to this action is going to set a precedent, and I don't believe there are very many "right" answers to how to handle this.

By "right", I mean something that lets them reassert their control over the state militia while not prompting a major backlash which leads other state militia either to lend aid, or to mutiny in different ways. Example: "No, we are not going to go arrest the leaders of the Oklahoma National Guard," said the commandant of the Texas National Guard. "If you want them arrested, do it yourself, general."

Rome can march its legions out to the provinces to restore the obedience of the garrisons, but that only works for so long, and--eh?

Sorry, for a moment I thought I was looking at a history book. How silly of me--the Romans didn't have LiveJournal!

I meant to say, the feds can send the regular Army to go clean up the mutinous militias, but it's a violation of several major laws and principles (such as the army not being used as domestic law enforcement) and the US Army literally cannot take on fifty state national guards. One or two, sure--but if this kind of thing spreads, the feds cannot stop it.

Cold Fury seems to be of the opinion that the fed response will be ham-handed and draconian. I do not disagree. That would be a mistake, but not surprising.

* * *

Elon Musk tells Bernie Sanders, "I keep forgetting you're still alive." Musk is not a right-winger but I really admire his "zero fucks given" attitude about what he puts up on the Twiddle.

Part of me wonders just how far left Musk actually is, though, given that he has now built three major businesses in three completely different industries (online payments, electric cars, space access) and seems to get more reactionary every year. Would a good leftist make a comment like that at Bernie Sanders, a fellow traveler?

* * *

What the hell is that thing supposed to be? The copy there says "hypersonic" but there is no way that thing can hit that kind of speed.

The rivets, for fuck's sake--those rivets would each generate their own shock wave at transsonic speeds. The--wings? fins? and vertical stabilizer?--none of those aerodynamic bits has control surfaces, so how do you steer it? The wrinkles in the sheetmetal, the uneven seams--somehow I am doubtful.

They call it a "prototype" but it's barely even a mock-up. They fired the engine at full afterburner, though!

* * *

Can't believe it's already mid-November. There are at least a couple people out there--initials MD and MN--who have birthdays tomorrow. Happy birthday, y'all; you probably don't read this but oh well.

Ten days until Thanksgiving, too. Looking forward to the four-day weekend.

* * *

Found myself reading through one of the rewrite projects last night. It reads great; there were major problems with the original version that are well-fixed by the rewrite. But the rewrite makes obvious some other shortcomings, with the basis for the story itself; and I find myself wondering if I can overcome those without completely rewriting the story again.


* * *

Another grey November day, temps in the 30s, nothing I really feel like doing--though I really should go get stain for the barn door.

Meh. Want nap.