November 16th, 2021

#7897: 222,222

Today, the Jeep hit 222,222 miles.

* * *

Yesterday, I took two loads of stuff to the far off-site. Saw uncle, then came home...and collapsed.

I'd been pissed off all day long, reason unknown; it did not help that uncle's mentation is altered to the point that he no longer makes sense when he tries to talk.

Anyway, best thing for me was to go to bed. But I woke up this morning and was still pissed off, and I don't know why.

Argh etc.

Anyway, Tuesday's done. Three more days left this week; six more until Thanksgiving. I'm figuring on having everything moved to the new office by this time next week, but for the loaner laptop, which I will use in my current office one last day...doing as little as possible. Then a 4-day weekend; and after that, starting Monday the 29th, working from the new office exclusively.

When I leave on the 24th, I'll leave the office door open, because it'll be empty anyway (no PCs or other valuable equipment left).

My new office is pretty much full already, but I have another stack of laptops and a bunch of cables to take over there yet; plus I need to get rid of the used batteries and to ewaste the rest of the hardware that I'm not taking with.

Still plenty of work to do. And since I'm using the Jeep as a moving van, my mileage for this month is going to be pretendous.

* * *

I don't have the energy to think about anything else right now. Everything's a mess, and being pissed off for two days straight really takes it out of you. Maybe I'll see if I can stand to play a little WoW or something.