November 17th, 2021

#7898: Wednesday, MEH

For as long as it lasts, OSHA suspends the vaccine mandate. 5th Circuit court put a stay on it because it is "Staggeringly Overbroad" and "Raises Grave Constitutional Issues". It's only until the case can be heard, but it's going to be heard by the Sixth circuit, which is (we are told) approximately "conservative".

If I hadn't already had a bellyful of so-called "conservatives" finding the "conservative case" for marxist talking points, maybe I would be more confident; but I am satisfied with this, at least. If OSHA thought they could win it, I don't think they'd so readily stop work on the mandate. At least, I hope so.

* * *

John Wilder discusses why the service sector is so woefully understaffed just now.
People like the retail employee, working because they want to, can leave anytime. But it's more than just that one retail employee. How many other people are just walking away? How many are one rude customer away from wadding up the company smock, and walking out the front door for the last time?

How many firefighters will quit rather than get the jab? How many EMTs will simply walk away rather than submit to it? By my count, the number is not insignificant, and these are crucial jobs if you like keeping your house not burned up like and would like granny to get to the emergency room in some other fashion than you tossing her into the bed of the pickup after you move the Purina® Lion Chow™ out.

Often, the people who run the services that keep the economy running are paid at the lowest levels. What happens when they decide they are done with the nonsense, too? What happens when they look around and see that they could work at McDonalds® for 10% of the stress and 90% of the pay?
And right after that is one of his puns, only this one I saw coming before I scrolled down to read the text on the bottom.

But the point is well-made: there's no reason to work at BigBoxRetail and put up with that bullshit when you can take a slight pay cut and flip burgers at a fast-food restaurant.

He's not wrong about that; and he's not wrong about the consequences of people making those kinds of decisions.

* * *

Oh how I wish this were the case. Oh man--if the Go Brandon regime were mulling the replacement of their sitting VP--I think my schadenboner would have a spontaneous schadenorgasm if that hit the news feeds as a real story.

...because as Ace says, it would wreck the democrat party.

Unless they appoint her to the supreme court, which is a possbility. Then they move in Pete Bootyjudge. Pretty much everyone in this administration is a spectacularly useless person, for one reason or another, but they're politically correct. "Michelle Obama" was also floated as a possiblity, apparently, but I don't see that one, because it would rapidly become apparent that she, too, is just as useless as Kamala Harris and Pete Bootygagg and all the other shitheads in Biden's cabinet. As first lady she dndn't have to do anything; as VP she'd have some responsibilities, of the kind that Harris has utterly fucked up in her scant eleven months as VP.

Honestly, even moving her to the supreme court would be a mistake, but I don't think they see that from here.

Well--a lot of stew from one oyster, that.

Anyway, the most bleeding obvious reason that the house of representatives might be reviewing the rules for confirming a VP is because if something happens to Go Brandon, Harris moves up--and the very first thing she does as president is to nominate a VP.

This isn't that complicated, guys.

* * *

So, Honda is tearing up the budget motorcycle market.

The Trail 125, for example--a nicely capable dirt bike which is also street-legal and has just enough oomph to get out of its own way. You wouldn't take it on the interstate but for around town it looks pretty good, and the dang thing can ford streams as deep as the bottom of the seat.

The Grom uses about the same mechanicals, and it's small and maneuverable. Again, great for around town. Honda dealerships can't keep these things in stock--they have waiting lists for these models, they're so popular. Why? Because they don't cost a lot, they're fun, and they're versatile. The Grom, its cousin the Monkey, the Super Cub 125, the Trail 125--all have MSRPs around $4,000. I'm told you can't even buy a used Grom for less than its original MSRP!

Soon they'll be coming out with the Navi. It's the cheapest one in the lineup--$1,800--and it uses scooter mechanicals, but it's not a step-through design like a scooter. So, no clutch, no gears; just throttle and brake. And for $1,800, that's basically "why the hell not" money for a lot of people. Tons of Chinesium bikes get sold at that price; you slap a price tag like that on a brand-new Honda and a hell of a lot of people will be yelling, "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY." No matter what your attitude may be about buying foreign-made vehicles, Honda has a well-deserved reputation for bulding stuff that works, and keeps on working.

None of these machines will win races or get you the Iron Butt achievement, but they're fun bikes for not a lot of money. That seems to be a successful formula.

* * *

Today I finally got all the hard drives packed up in boxes, taped shut and labled, ready for FedEx to pick up. I've only wanted to get these things out of my office since, oh, my first day, but it wasn't a priority. With me moving offices, seems like a good time to do it, no?

So, as a courtesy, I send an email to the infrastructure guy as well as the guy to whom I was told to ship the drives. "Hey, I'm about to ship 150 lbs of used take-out hard drives to you; six boxes, here's the tracking number." Like that.

Infrastructure guy: "You need to ship them in a secure container!"

Me: "I'm sorry, could you be a little more specific?" No answer.

I guess there's some kind of large, hard case into which you put the hard drives, then use a padlock to close it. You mail the key separately, of course, and ship the "secure container" using whatever ground freight service you want to use.

Learned this, not from the infrastructure guy, but from the on-site support group chat. I groused that that meant I'd be schlepping those drives to my new office, and someone else piped up saying that I needed a secure container for that. I'm not sure if he was kidding or not. I hope not, because they're going over in the cardboard boxes they're currently packed in. I'm not leaving them behind for the new owner to handle.

Anyway, that stupidity just took all the wind out of my sails. I gave up trying to get anything else done today. (Yes, it was close to quitting time when this happened.)


* * *

Anyway, very warm day today--so warm that when I came home for lunch, I opened the back door so the cats could enjoy the air. Of course it's now starting to get cold again, and tomorrow morning I expect I'll need my winter coat again. Oh well.

Wednesday is, at least, complete; and now I can look forward to Thursday. Whee!