November 18th, 2021

#7899: Eclipse!

Lunar eclipse starts around 1:20 AM and lasts until 4:47 AM. Totality is around 3.

Well, not "totality" but "majority" since 3% of the Moon won't be in shadow. Still, close enough.

Longest one in 600 years, because it's happening with the Moon at apogee. Next one like this one (long) is in 700 years, so I guess we'd better enjoy this one.

I should set my alarm for 3 so I can see it. Assuming, of course, that the weather report is accurate and the skies will clear in time.

* * *

Today I found out that while I need to vacate my nice office by the end of the month, I must continue to provide support for the site until January. *sigh*

That's a recent change.

Meanwhile, 25 systems came in at the new location--desktops, no less--and I don't have room for them. My office is full; if I put anything else in there it'll look like a hoarder house.

Anyway, four work days left before my self-imposed deadline. I shouldn't have any issues, though, since I've got most of the stuff moved over already.

* * *

So, while visiting uncle this evening, I heard on the news that a Chinese tennis star has gone mysteriously missing after she complained that she was sexually assaulted by a "high-ranking Chinese official".

Nothing mysterious about it. He raped her, then had her sent to a gulag when she complained about it. Assuming he didn't have her executed, of course.

What? That's what communists do. If the woman wasn't a big-name tennis star, no one would have heard of this happening; it's only that her disappearance raised questions among members of the tennis world that we know anything about this at all.

Which begs the question: how many women has this guy raped and then subsequently had "disappeared" after they raised a stink?

I do not have any faith in that number approximating zero.

* * *

As advertised, it was cold today. Saw a few snowflakes every so often, too.

* * *

FFS, had a "Squid Game" dream last night. No fun. Not a nightmare or anything, but let's face it: the setting of that series is so fucked up, it's not a place I'd even want to visit, let alone live in.

* * *

Go Brandon hit a 36% approval rating.

* * *

Fatzboob link to one of those discussions about humans from aliens' point of view; this time how they're incorrigible tinkerers....

* * *

Well: that's the Thursday. Obligations completed, I now wait for my wife to get home; we're going to go grocery shopping! WHEEEE!!!!!!!11111 one-one

(Actually, I love going shopping with her, and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.)