November 19th, 2021

#7900: Eclipsed!

Woke up with a dry throat, and the sky had gone gloriously, completely clear. "Severe clear", in the parlance of aviators. Put on clothes, went outside to have a gander.

Western sky, maybe 2/3 of the way up from the horizon--right next to the Pleades--mostly red moon with a very bright thumbnail clipping to the left (south) side. It was around 3:40, so a ways past the maximum, but not too far.

The seeing is amazing, so I spent some time just looking at the sky. Usually the Pleades are not easily visible, but they're hanging there plain as day tonight.

Anyway, got to see the eclipse; I'm going back to bed now.


Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges. The left is, predictably, all butthurt over it. Surprisingly, no riots in Kenosha tonight--at least, not yet. Actual peaceful demonstrations this afternoon, but they appear to have gone home.

That's perfectly fine. I don't care what someone's opinion is; if they want to protest peacefully, without throwing molotov cocktails or bricks or beating people or looting? That's one of the founding principles of this country and I'm 100% okay with that, regardless of what lunatic position they're advocating.

But if you want to riot and burn and loot, and maim and kill, that is a serious "no go". The people whom you are trying to harm, in whatever fashion, have the right to defend themselves and their property.

Anyway, so I'm over at my uncle's house and the news is on, and they're showing a fairly even-handed smattering of opinions from people at the protest. One was a Rittenhouse supporter, and the chyron identified him as--*snerk*--BRANDON LESCO.


Meanwhile the left is losing its shit, in detail, over the acquittal.

It sounds as if some people tried to start shit at the Kenosha courthouse, but failed.

Anyway the feds are going to spool up their personal destruction machines, and the FBI is no doubt going to no-knock the kid's house tonight. Got to get for the civil suit they're going to file against him! Forget the concept of "double jeopardy" because a civil suit is not a criminal case! The feds get another crack at people they don't like, using standards of evidence which are more lax than those in criminal proceedings.

Divemedic points out that there's still a "straw purchase" issue, though, and the feds could easily use that against him, to get him on a federal firearms charge. I wonder how that works? The state firearms charge was dismissed after the court found that the AR-15 was legally carried, but I don't think "double jeopardy" works that way. No verdict rendered means, officially, no trial for the charge. So the feds can nail him on a firearms violation.

* * *

Driving back from the near off-site today, I saw someone selling an orange Triumph TR-6. I thought, "Wow, a TR-6!" Dad considered buying a TR-6, and he would have liked the color of that one, I think.

...but the last thing I need is a car that needs 40 hours of maintenance for every day you drive it. Not to mention the fact that parts for the things are $YEECH!

So, no.

* * *

Anyway, made it to Friday, the last Friday before Thanksgiving. Then the holiday season starts in earnest. *sigh*

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, I guess.