November 26th, 2021

#7915: Stay at home, save 100%

This. Except I can't today; I need to go get wood stain and butter pecan ice cream.

Still, I--as is my custom--am going to avoid going to major retail centers, or in fact anywhere I don't have to go today. With the exception of the two items I just mentioned, there is nothing I need to get that can't wait a day or two.

* * *

Bayou Renaissance Man explains, better than I could, my feelings about the Arbery murder trial.

Citizens can make citizens' arrests as long as they witness a serious crime being committed. Okay, if you see some guy trying to rape or kill someone, and you have a gun, you can point the gun at the guy and tell him to get down or get ventilated, while someone else calls 911 to summon the police.

What happened in this case was some people thinking a person may have, or was about to, commit a crime (what would amount to, I believe, petty theft or burglary) and trying to detain their suspect. Citizens do not have the ability to do that.

I don't think that a single man stealing copper pipe or wiring or whatever, from an unoccupied construction site--only what he can carry with his bare hands and without threatening anyone with violence--rises to the level of "serious crime", even if it's happened several times in the past few months. It's annoying and inconvenient, and the thief belongs in jail--but the police need to handle that case, not the neighborhood watch. Even so, if one of those men had caught Arbery red-handed--in the process of stealing something--and then everything went pear-shaped as it did in the actual case, that might have been legal.

Just "jogging through the neighborhood", though--no. All you can do is to call the police and let them know what's going on.

* * *

Today I slept later than I normally would. Even on days off I usually wake up around 6-ish; today I made it to 9.

Making the feast yesterday left me with a backache, so I took a muscle relaxant around my normal bedtime. At 1 AM I could no longer keep my eyes open, so I went to bed.

Anyway, gonna go back to bed, because I've been sitting here for well over an hour playing Hexiom Connect and not thinking. If I'm going to be unconscious, I might as well be asleep.

#7916: Nu and Omicron? C'mon.

Gee, now we have to worry about two more variants. I noticed, a couple days ago, some statements from the Go Brandon regime to the effect that certain restrictions could now be eased...and then, suddenly, nu and omicron show up.

"Well, we were about to relax, but we can't! Lockdowns! Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh booster! Mandates!"


Bayou Renaissance Man says this could be meant as a way to explain the uptick in "all causes" deaths--rather than vaccine injuries, they're due to a new and highly-mutated strain of the Wuhan Coof. Coming out of Africa, this time, I guess.

There is only one problem with that. As has been mentioned before, Wuhan Coof didn't get a lot of penetration into the African population, because Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are over-the-counter medicines which are routinely used there.

Africa has not been discussed by the news media because there isn't anything there; and you'll also notice that they've stopped talking about Japan and India, because--once they stopped with the vaccines and started with the antiparasitics--their infection rates dropped to near zero. That last fact is something they've carefully not mentioned in the United States. The coverage approximated, "OMG INDIA INDIA INDIA, WTF, OMG, AND--LOOK! HALLEY'S COMET!!!" and they then "pivoted" to some other story so they didn't have to cover the effectiveness of the medications.

You remember SARS, of course; that was a big worry a few years ago. And there was its brother MERS. The Wuhan Coof's name is SARS-Cov-2, and like SARS before it, hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin work for controlling it. The whole reason people started down the HCQ and IVM highway was because those drugs work against other coronaviruses.

And BRM says: "Consider the common cold. It's nothing more or less than a coronavirus!"

I have to wonder how HCQ and IVM work against the common cold?

* * *

It's obviously a pretty serious pandemic when hospitals can afford to fire people. Wuhan Coof is so bad that the hospitals are choosing to fire people rather than let them work without being vaccinated. So you know that things are so very very bad that hospitals are choosing to close departments rather than employ people who haven't taken the shots.

Because that's what you do when you have a major pandemic: you don't seek to have as many caregivers on hand as possible, regardless of circumstance, to handle all the sick people in your facility, because that would be silly. No, instead you fire people and close departments.

...all of which is complete sarcasm--because any time you have a real pandemic, the hospitals are choked with sick and dying people and you'd hire a horse to tend patients as long as it had some basic medical training. And at that, your doctors and nurses are stretched to the limit trying to keep up.

* * *

Oooh they're investigating him! A fireman in LA literally wiped his butt with a vaccine non-compliance letter, so now he's being investigated.

I bet the LA fire department will report him to the FBI as a "potential domestic terrorist".

* * *

New York City police are unhappy that no one came to the aid of a cop when he was in a sticky situation.

Living in NYC, the government has ensured that you may not legally carry a firearm. What is a bystander supposed to do to help?

The third point in that post is apt, too: if you come to the aid of a cop who is trying to detain a black man--there's no way that ends well for you. No matter what happens, video of you helping that cop gets all over the world in milliseconds, and then suddenly antifa and blm are having a block party in your honor. On your block. No thank you.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but the recent successful conviction of three would-be vigilantes should give one pause. You don't know what the law is for that situation, do you? I sure as hell don't.

* * *

The people who are quickest to insist that Darwinism and the law of natural selection are scientific fact are also the quickest to condemn it when it happens to civilizations. At least, when it's western civilization riding roughshod over neolithic aboriginals.

Sorry, but I don't agree that the land I live on was "stolen". Being nomads--hunter-gatherers--the indians themselves did not believe in land ownership. Europeans who did (because they were from an advanced and agrarian society) came in and settled the land.

The simple fact is that the indian civilization (such as it was) was out-competed by a superior one. And whatever atrocities were committed by europeans were more than balanced by atrocities committed by the aboriginals.

That "stolen land" bullshit is just more marxist tripe, and those assholes can stuff it.

* * *

And now I REALLY need to go to the store....

#7917: Half the bird is gone already

Mostly ate white meat during the actual Thanksgiving dinner, but today I was paring meat off the leg, thigh, and wing. For lunch it was a mix of white and dark meat, and I cut some meat for my wife as well, same kind of mix. My dinner, then, is what's left of the meat from the right side, plus the wing meat from the left side. That leaves us the entire breast, leg, and thigh for tomorrow's meals.

But we're critically low on gravy. As hard as I try, I can never make enough damned gravy! Mom always managed to make about a gallon of the stuff. I get maybe a quart, maybe three pints. Of course, one thing I have to remember is that she cooked a bigger bird (18-20 lbs) and used the "slow roast and baste" method. I have to wonder how much moisture I lose using this method--the meat comes out perfectly tender and moist, but I have to deglaze the roaster pan to get enough stuff with which to make gravy.

However, there's aspic in the bottom of the serving platter; I can use that, the remaining gravy, and some turkey stock to make more. And will, because I really like open-faced turkey sandwiches with gravy.

* * *

While I was putting my dinner together, my wife asked me to fix her a serving of apple crisp. I asked her if she could wait a little bit, until I was done eating dinner, and I'd fix us both a serving of it. She agreed, but: "Will you put ice cream on it?"

I didn't think to say, "What the hell do you think I'll do? This isn't a half-assed outfit, here."

Which is probably just as well.

* * *

As if I'd serve apple crisp without ice cream in anything other than a dire emergency. Sheesh.

* * *

Anyway, got the stain for the barn door; now I've got to clear out the master bedroom and bring in the sawhorses and get to stainin'. Guess I'll install the ceiling fan, too, in there....

Not like I'm doing anything else. I've been sitting here playing Hexiom Connect and listening to Pandora, not doing anything at all useful. Tried to play some WoW, but it just wasn't grabbing me, and there's just not anything recreational that I feel like doing. Argh etc.

I can only really do it in there, because that's the only room in the house where we don't care what happens to the carpet. Once it's stained, it's ready to go up, which means getting some shims of the right thickness to support the door in place while I'm measuring and such for the placement of the mechanism. I want the bottom edge of the door to be perhaps half an inch above the carpeting, maybe a bit more. Not too high; I don't want cats to be able to squeeze underneath it.

I wonder, sometimes, about replacing the living room doors with french doors. Current ones are louvered half-doors which open to either side of the entrance. Glass would feel more open.

But the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I think I'll put up the ceiling fan.