atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7918: Stain

The whole house smells like wood stain.

I got one side of the door stained. I'm going to need another can--this one has 40% remaining after I did one side.

Before doing that, we cleaned the master bedroom in order to make room for sawhorses.

Before that, I put up the ceiling fan.

The ceiling fan went together really easily. The one annoying part was that they didn't include screws for attaching the mounting plate to the service box, as every other ceiling fan I've bought has done. Fortunately, whenever I take stuff apart, I toss the screws into some kind of container, so I still had the screws that had held up the old ceiling fan.

Other than that, though, it was very easy. Get this: they included a hook on which you can hang the motor while you're doing the wiring, which itself is dead simple since it's all of two wires. The part that took the longest was assembling the fan blades and then attaching them, and that was just because there were five of 'em.

Two gripes, though. First off, there are no manual controls on the fan itself. Everything must be done with the remote control, which (fortunately) comes with a wall hook, but which (unfortunately) uses a weird battery--N cell, I think, but I don't keep N cells on hand. Second, the lighting module is a nonstandard circuit board with a bunch of surface-mount LEDs.

As long as the company is around I suppose replacement parts will be available. The control module remembers the last setting even when power is cut, so if you turn on the fan and light and then turn the switch off, when you turn the switch on again it will go back to that setting

Oh, a third gripe: when you turn the switch on, it takes two seconds for the light to come on.

Oh well. Ceiling fan in, furniture moved and floor cleared, sawhorses in, door halfway done.

* * *

...I just wrote "I don't beek N cells on hand" and I cannot for the life of me figure out why, except that I rewrote the sentence a few times before being satisfied with it. I do not see N cells very often, but then I don't normally look for them either, because I think the only devices I have which use them are the garage door opener remotes.

* * *

Those sawhorses are the cheap Harbor Freight plastic ones, something like $15 apiece, but they do the job.

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