atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#789: The face of things to come

Behold, the Mach 5.

The upcoming Speed Racer movie, done by the guys who did the Matrix trilogy, is looking like it's going to be done seriously, rather than campy and played for laughs. (A la Starsky and Hutch?)

Don't get me wrong here. The SR movie is just as derivative as anything else coming out of Hollywood these days. I mean, at least there is a story behind it, unlike many of the movies which have come from Saturday Night Life sketches, but it's still a live-action movie based on a forty-year-old cartoon that was badly dubbed for the American audience.

But the trailer makes it look fricking awesome.

Speed Racer is the first anime series I ever watched. I saw it when I was a wee tyke, aged--what, 5?--and unlike my brother I can actually stand to watch the DVDs now. SR has a special place in my heart.

Several years ago I came across a retelling of the original story, Mach Go Go Go, and snatched it. It was only the first volume and it wasn't translated, but I grabbed it anyway--and it was pretty interesting stuff. The Mach 5 had been completely redesigned and had four front wheels, but it still had all the neat little toys Pops had built into the thing.

If you try a Wikipedia search on "Mach Go Go Go" you'll be redirected to their page for Speed Racer. Heh.

I could mention a lot of stuff here but the Wikipedia article explains it in a lot of detail, so if you really need to know the names in the original Japanese series, go there.

I would love to see the anime series unedited and subtitled; I bet that would rule. You never know; perhaps the release of the movie, next May, will prompt something of that sort.

All I know is, I'm going to buy me a Mach 5 when they hit the toy shelves.

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