atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7920: Go Brandon, racist, bans travel to Africa

Omicron is surging, supposedly in Africa, so the Go Brandon regime has banned travel to and from Africa starting tomorrow.

Remember when alpha was killing people in Wuhan and the coof was still a new disease that no one knew anything about? Remember how "racist" Donald Trump was to ban travel to and from China? I don't see any democrats declaring that there's no problem now and telling people to go ahead and congregate in heavily black areas without any precautions.

Omicron is reportedly so weak that mostly it just makes you tired. (If that's so, I must have had omicron for most of my life.) Of course it's going to be the excuse for more lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates, none of which slowed the spread of any other variant and which make it worse in many cases. Have you noticed that the majority of cases are now coming from heavily-vaccinated areas? I have. Antibody dependend enhancement was observed in the animal trials for the vaccines--which were stopped because the animals kept dying. Think about that for a few minutes and tell me what your conclusion is.

Anyway I don't see a huge mob of leftists calling Go Brandon racist, because of course they're not. However, sauce for the goose.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (which is three lies for the price of one) claims they skipped "Xi" because they didn't want to upset poor widdle China's feewings. Looking at the greek alphabet, though, it looks to me as if they skipped a whole bunch of letters: epsilon comes after delta, and then zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, and nu, before you get to xi. Why haven't we heard about epsilon through mu? Where are those variants?

I guess they had reasons for skipping them. Epsilon just sounds too cool. Zeta--don't want to get sued by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Eta will be confused for "estimated time of arrival". "Theta" gives us nightmares from our twelfth-grade trigonometry classes. Iota makes it sound small. Kappa--that's the last letter in "Phi Beta Kappa" and we don't want people to think it makes you smarter. Lambda makes it sound soft and cuddly, and mu sounds like a cow. So we'll go right to NU which--after all--sounds like "new" and it is, it's NEW AND TERRIFYING!!!!11one-one so that works.

I honestly wish I could say I was engaging in hyperbole there. Unfortunately, in my life, every time I thought I could hyperbolize the way these idiots think, not only was I proven wrong but they outdid me. *sigh*

* * *

I watched a lot of Just Because! yesterday. Seven eps, I think. Four left.

That was after I watched the last two eps of Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo, which was disappointing. No idea if there's a follow-on series, but that one started strong and then kind of flamed out.

Oh well. The life of an otaku is fraught with peril.

* * *

Well, the holiday weekend was all too brief. But we're looking forward to Christmas and New Year's.

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