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#790: Another News Digest

...I like that. "News digest" sounds a lot more erudite than "here's a bunch more headlines".

Here is an excellent analysis of the tripe found here. (Via.)

The analysis presented there is even more detailed than my off-the-cuff analysis of virtually the same issue a few weeks ago, and it means that I severely underestimated the amount of solar cells we'd need in order to convert most of our national energy supply to solar.

England is fricking nuts. If someone breaks into your house and gets hurt in the process, he can sue you.

It's not even a case of someone being invited it; it's someone who's not supposed to be there. And they can sue if they get hurt.

If someone breaks into your house, shoot him dead. Dead people can't sue.

Get an abortion or lose your job. Wow, that's just awesome. I would have to have Ann Coulter's assistance to come up with a wisecrack that makes that one funnier and more outrageous than it already is.

Speaking of my sweetie honey baby, Ann Coulter drives the last nail in the coffin that contains the remains of the slight possibility that I might have been convinced to support Huckabee. The guy's soft on illegal immigration, opposes voter ID laws, and opposes school choice.

Back to the future! Orbiting solar power satellites could beam electricity back to Earth using microwave beams, and the energy density of those beams could be low enough that you could grow crops under the rectenna.

All of this has been discussed by hard science fiction writers for decades. None of this is new. *sigh*

* * *

And just to make the point, have some spam!

Lydia A. Dow suggests that I measure my wang using microns or even nanometers. I suggest that Lydia is a moron.

Gifts for Christmas doesn't understand the concept of the passage of time. I think he's a moron.

Quinton Schroeder has a stupid frickin' name, he's a poser, and he's a moron.

Ana Davila wants me to live in a casino. I'm not that desperate.

Grover G. Wilkerson says he likes me. Sorry, Grover; I'm not gay.

Dwayne Lawrence works for the mainstream media. Perhaps I should forward his e-mail to Grover; they may have something in common.

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