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#792: More nothing

The main theme of the news today is "Bhutto assassination". The assassin first shot her and then blew himself up. That's determination. I'm surprised he didn't poison her first.

Anyway, it's making trouble in Pakistan, and playing up how important it is to elect a President who will continue to make life difficult for Al Qaeda and its supporters. (Hint: it won't be anyone with "(D)" denoting his party affiliation. Unless we somehow elect Joe Lieberman.)

And so Al Qaeda--which was just sitting around and knitting and making cookies until we invaded Iraq, don't you know--has demonstrated the peacefulness and tolerance of the "religion of peace", and done so by killing a woman. What the hell? This is what muslims do, and the sooner we get hep to reality the better off we'll be.

* * *

But there's nothing else going on, apparently. My morning scan of the usual suspects has revealed nothing else that's comment-worthy.

I don't know whether that's good or bad.

The caucases in Iowa will doubtless generate an assload of commentary. I have no idea who's going to do what how.

If Obama pulls out a lead on Hillary, expect dirty tricks from the latter. I don't know what, but she's not used to losing and she's not going to take it sitting down. (And I can't shake the impression that she might not have left the matter up to chance.)

Expect the Green Party not to exist this time. Particularly if Hillary gets the nod. (In 1992 and 1996, Ross Perot's candidacy was a beneficial addition to the democratic process. In 2000 and 2004, the Green Party's candidate was a detriment to the functioning of the election system. This is what I must assume due to the way the Democrats acted; as I recall, in 2004, they tried suing the Green Party out of the election, and failed.)

I went to caucus in Iowa in 2000 and enjoyed it. Of course, the site for it was literally just down the street from my apartment, at the place where I voted, so that was nice. I voted for Forbes and shrugged when GWB got the nod.

I'm not sure when Illinois holds its primaries. I'll vote for my guy--whoever is still on the ticket by then--and then cast my vote for the Republican in the general election. The worst thing any person can do who takes his politics seriously is to stay home during the general election. If you identify yourself as Democrat or Republican and then refuse to vote for your party's nominee--for whatever reason--you don't understand the party system or the concept of the representative republic, and I guess you should stay home and never vote again, at least until you do understand how the system works.

The purpose of the primary system is so that we don't have 40,000 candidates on the ballot. Each party selects a candidate from the pool of available hopefuls. If you go vote (or caucus) for your party, and your party doesn't choose the guy you like, do you help your party by not voting or voting for a third party candidate? I don't think so. Republicans voting for Perot gave us eight years of Clinton, for example. And Democrats voting for Nader--to put the shoe on the other foot--ensured GWB's win in 2000 (and possibly 2004). If the Dems who voted "Nader" had instead voted "Gore", Florida wouldn't have happened.

Like it or lump it, the US runs on a two-party system. We have other parties but they're fringe groups. It's just how things are.

* * *

I noticed, last night, that after running the South Park episode which made fun of Scientology, Comedy Central ran the SP episode where Chef got killed off.

Isaac Hays, who did the voice for Chef, quit when they did the ep making fun of Scientology. And so they made Chef a pedophile and killed him. They used bits of old dialogue to form Chef's lines, including him half-singing, half-saying, "I wanna make love to ya children!"

That is, to quote the SP movie, pretty funny, buddy.

Hays didn't object to the SP producers making fun of literally every other religion on the planet. Jesus lives in SP and has a cable show with single-digit audience? Eh. The constant jibes at jews? Eh. God being some weird-looking creature, Satan being in a submissive homosexual relationship with Saddam Hussein, who builds WMD factories in Heaven and makes them look like chocolate chip cookie factories and God is fooled? Eh.

But make fun of people who seriously believe that their various psychological issues are caused by the brainwashed souls of aliens from millions of years ago, sent here by Xenu, the galactic overlord, and the man quits.


...and I maintain that the scenes with Tom Cruise hiding in Stan's closet was one of the most brilliantly-executed parodies this series has yet done.

* * *

BTW, I thought I should mention here that the SP ep where the kids go nuts for "Chinpokomon"? "Chinpoko" is Japanese slang for "penis".

* * *

We're supposed to get snow today. The weather folk say that those of us in the south suburbs will get around 1-2 inches. The northern suburbs and such will get around 5. "If-and-when".

Bleah. I don't even care.

* * *

Only a handful of days left in 2007, and I can't say I'm at all sorry this year is almost over. WTF. 2007 sucked.

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