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#798: Okay, some new anime to discuss

I just finished watching episode 1 of Code E and Myself; Yourself.

Code E got me. It's set in 2017 and there's this scene where the main character's homeroom teacher has to reset the chalkboard, and I had to stop the playback, go back, and single-frame through it because it was just so awesome.

The technology in Code E is, in fact, a "worst-case" extrapolation of present-day technology. In that world, people use cell phones that look about like the ones we use now. Most signs and displays seem to be digital display screens rather than printed or painted boards but there's very little animation shown. It shows people paying their bus fare by putting their cell phones next to an RF reader, but that's something we could do now if we had any reason to.

But the homeroom teacher takes attendance using a tablet-style computer with a touch screen; the tablet is about the size of a typical teacher's record book.

Take a look at where our technology was 20 years ago. In 1987, the broadband connection I have to the internet was a fantasy. The 22-inch LCD display would have looked like black magic. A 20 page per minute laser printer costing less than $100, sitting on a shelf next to me, utterly silent until I want to print--impossible. (1985 saw the release of the Canon CX laser engine, which was most notably used in the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet. It cost as much as a good used car and had 1/4 the resolution of my Brother HL-2040.)

I have over a terabyte of on-line storage in this computer. In 1987, a gigabyte was just about impossible with microcomputer parts; for that kind of storage you needed a mainframe. Forty megabytes was the norm.

--the point is, twenty years from now, we should be a lot farther ahead, technology-wise, than they show us being in Code E--and that's fine. I'm pleased to see that the producers didn't get ambitious.

Too much SF looks at the future and says, "Gee whiz!" Okay, 2001: A Space Odyssey had Pan Am flying commercial to the Moon and a manned mission to Jupiter. That was wrong. Back to the Future (arguably not "serious" SF) had flying cars and personal fusion power in 2015, neither of which looks very likely from here. But in 1985, when the first movie was made, 2015 was thirty years away.

Aircraft went from the Wright Flyer to the DC-3 in a bit more than thirty years. And from the time of the first supersonic flight until the first man on the Moon was about 22 years. The better your technology gets, the better it can get, and it's an exponential progression unless something acts to stop it.

So Code E takes the coward's way out, but ultimately that ends up making more realistic-appearing SF, IMHO. So I'm really liking what I'm seeing.

Myself; Yourself confused me for a moment. I was afraid they were doing one of those idiotic "show the eps out of order" things, like Haruhi--fortunately, no. It looks entertaining.

Both shows need more fan service, though.

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