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#800: Wow, eight hundred.

The Fungus will be two years old in April and I've already gotten to eight hundred entries. For crying out loud.


Eco-nazis tell people to freeze in the dark. A Romanian town could have had its economy revitalized, but the anti-mining eco-nazis would rather let people freeze to death while starving.

And it's typical of those people, too: rich liberals whose "carbon footprints" cover half the state of Texas fly in and ruin peoples' chances to earn a decent living, then smugly return to their lives of luxury aboard private jets while the people who they screwed over have to scrounge for food.

There is a special place in hell for people like that, people who don't think about the consequences of their actions, who only care about feeling good about themselves for "saving the environment".


Taxpayer, heal thyself. The logical end of socialized medicine: rationing. And the elderly--who have paid into the system all their lives--get screwed the hardest.

Socialized medicine is heartless. It is cruel, because it doesn't care about people. You take medical care out of the hands of the providers and put it in the hands of bureaucrats.

Not long ago David Morgan-Mar, in his strip Irregular Webcomic, made a comment to the effect that hospitals are "scary, unfriendly places". In the comic two people are trying to find out how a friend is doing and the person at the front desk won't tell them anything or let them in to see him.

That's what socialized medicine is like; look at the further strips in that series.


Walter Williams on why CEOs deserve their paychecks.

Let's apply union logic to Oprah Winfrey's staff. Now, a common union canard says that it's unfair that the CEO makes 400 times what his lowest-paid employee makes, right?

Williams says Oprah made $260 million last year. He says that if Oprah's lowest-paid employee made $100,000, that person made 2,600 times less than Oprah did.

If CEO pay is obscene, then celebrity and sports figure pay is even more obscene.

CEOs should, we are told, be taxed heavily on anything they earn over $1,000,000. Well, if it's good for CEOs, it should be good for celebrities, right?

Quoth Williams: "According to Forbes, the top 10 celebrities and athletes earned an average of $116 million in 2004 compared to an average of $59 million earned by the top 10 corporate CEOs."


Will Smith's "Hitler" comments. Smith's comments are a not-obvious truth.

Not-obvious, at least, to anyone who writes for Hollywood.

It takes a rare person to say, "I'm evil, and I'm going to do whatever the hell I want to, and screw everyone who gets in my way!" Rare, and probably too crazy to be effective. In Smith's example, Hitler did not say to himself, "Bwaa ha ha ha, I'm going to exterminate the Jews because I'm evil!"

Hitler's actions descended primarily from a thirst for personal power. He may have legitimately thought he was doing what was right for Germany, but he conflated his own success with that of Germany's, and ultimately his every action was meant to increase his own power.

His actions were evil; but Hitler would not have identified himself as "evil", and would have defended his actions as "justifiable" in order to serve the "greater good".

Take a look at The Omen. That was a popular treatment of the Antichrist prophesy, but the Antichrist would never be Damien. That's too easily identified. The Antichrist would look like the kindly neighbor down the road or the guy at church or the woman who works at the homeless shelter. The evil that looks like good is a lot more effective and a lot more insidious than the evil that runs around killing everyone in sight and making itself obvious.

...I don't really care to get into a long-winded philosophical discourse on good-versus-evil. Suffice it to say that Will Smith is not saying that Hitler was "good" and that he makes an excellent point about the nature of good and evil.


Damn, eight freaking hundred. Why don't I get a life or something?

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