atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

Funny things

Whenever I get depressed, sometimes my brain begins to remind me of some funny things that have happened over the years, things which invariably make me laugh out loud.

One example is the origin of a sound file I named "Mr. Devil", in 1992.

It was I had just gotten a new sound card, and was playing around with the software; I'd hooked a microphone to the sound card and was fiddling with it, and showing it to some friends. One of these friends was Victor, someone I'd known since high school.

This is about what you hear when you listen to the clip:

Ed: "Victor, say something for the kids back home."
Victor: "Go fuck yourselves, and rob your mothers! Ha ha ha ha ha! God, I'm an evil son of a bitch! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"


Another example:

Again, in 1992, my friend Marcus and I were taking a drive in my Dad's MGB, taking some video of the car and just wasting an autumn afternoon. Most of the video is rather dull stuff, but one scene makes me laugh every time I consider it. We were driving north on Egyptian Trail into Monee, Illinois, and he was filming our trip.

Marcus: This is Monee, a quaint, quiet town, first built in 1481, back when the Antichrist was still around. (pause) Let's meet the Antichrist.
[he then pans left, showing me]
Ed: Wh--a--huh--but--hey--
M: Mr. Antichrist, when you built this town--
E: It was the booze! It was, I tell you!
M: So you're blaming it all on pornography and Tipper Gore?
E: Ah...yes! It was Tipper Gore!
M: Good man.


I had actually accumulated enough funny incidents on video--completely unplanned, spontaneous things like the above--that I ended up making a short video I called "Damn Fool Vision". Most of the clips featured me, but there are a few cuts of other people which I have reserved in the event I need revenge.... >:}

Victor: we have Bob Dollingsworth, caught on video by some dweeb from Crete, who was fooling around with his video camera, and got lucky!
Ed: Well, some dweeb from the Moneen ar--the Moneen-- [pause] okay, let's try English. "Some dweeb from the Moneen--" GOD DAMN IT!!!

There's probably a lesson there for all of us.

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