atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#802: Anime again

Pretty Cure is about three eps from being over.

The big final battle looks to be three eps long, too. They might surprise me and finish it in two, and then have a denouement ep. (That's what they did with Sky Girls. I'm eagerly awaiting ep 26 of that to see what happens After.) In Sailor Moon they took three eps to finish it, and the denouement was about a minute and a half of "wrap-up" showing that the girls were not, after all, dead.

The last half-dozen eps of Kaze no Stigma appear the same way. I'm on ep 22 (out of 24) and they've been following a single story arc for some time now. And it's good stuff; it's really good stuff. It's a perfect example of how to handle magic in a modern-day setting.

Myself; Yourself is showing signs of being more than just a basic "slice-of-life" series. I can't discuss the particulars without spoilers, but there have been hints that there is a significant backstory to what they're showing. It helps that all the characters are likable.

Interesting trivia: the voice of Aoi Oriba is done by Tomoko Kanaeda, who did the voice of Chiyo-chan in Azumanga Daioh. Aoi is a year older than the rest of the characters and has G-cup breasts, so I hear Chiyo-chan's voice coming from a mature girl with bounteous pontoons, and I get hopelessly confused.

But at least the series is entertaining.

Code E is a surprise. It has a gentle feel to it, yet there is a harder core of plot in the middle of it which is only becoming apparent in ep 3-4--there's something bigger going on than just this one girl with electrokinetic powers, but that much is obvious from the OP, anyway. It's well worth the effort to track it down and watch it, and it's full of little nice touches--such as when the main character, Chinami, tries to buy lunch at school, and in the background there is a sign which says, "20 TB memory cards now in stock". That's 20 terabytes, of course, 20 million megabytes.

I can't imagine needing more than one 20 TB memory card. Then again, in 1987 I would have wondered why on earth I could possibly need more than a single 1 GB memory card, yet I have four for my digital camera. The more storage you have, the more you need, and that's the way of things. This machine has 1 TB of on-line storage, and is starting to feel crowded what with all the fansubs I've been ganking.

Actually, now that I think of it, a couple of those would be handy for doing system backups...

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