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#803: Spidey, UN Stooge

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four will be in comic books aimed at telling children how good the UN is. Whee!

What a load of crap.

Fortunately, whenever anything like this crops up it is almost always incredibly lame, and the kids are usually bright enough to notice how lame it is. The quotes at the end of the article are pretty incisive.

"'[Young people] will get excited if they know their heroes like Spider-Man will work with the United Nations to address these issues, peace and security,' [UN dude Kiyo Akasaka] said."

Oh sure they will. It'll be so exciting to see Spidey swinging on a web and saying, "Man, the UN sure is cool!"


Ann Coulter slams Kwanzaa. Thank God for Ann Coulter.

New Orleans' murder rate is among the nation's highest. What a surprise. The place has been a Democrat-run bastion of liberal stupidity for decades and the welfare mentality has become deeply entrenched in some areas of the city. Where there are slums, there are crimes, because the "Great Society" has done nothing but enable people to do nothing but sit around and take government money and live in government housing.

Tne entitlement mentality led some people in public housing to protest when the buildings had to be demolished post-Katrina. "That's our home!" No, it's not. They think that because several generations may have lived in one apartment, but it is public housing and none of them owns so much as a single nail of the building. The government can do as it pleases with that place; if it wanted to, it could sell the land to real estate developers and there wouldn't be a damn thing you could do about it. (Once the lawsuits got settled you might have another place to live.)

So it comes as no surprise that people who have been raised not to take any responsibility for themselves whatsoever end up generating such high crime rates. Poverty is not a cause; it's a symptom.

Climate change hysteria will be more excessive in 2008. Probably. Oh well.

Sex-bots by 2050, says expert.

Just as long as they don't turn out psychotically jealous like Valerie 23 I'm all for it. Have you seen that episode of The Outer Limits?

I'm not kidding; the actress who played V23, Sofia Shinas, ought to be mass-produced. Wowser. And she wears that tight jumpsuit throughout the entire episode, which only makes it worse. I mean, damn.

Valerie 23, on TV: I am fully functional.
Ed, watching TV: Proper response: "YAAY!!!" [waves arms overhead]

To make matters worse, I am led to understand that there is a not-censored-for-US-TV version where we get to see the hooties. Arrgh!

* * *

We got 5" of snow on Monday and I didn't bother to blow it off the driveway. Why?

Predicted temps for Fri, Sat, Sun: 33, 40, 48 respectively. (°F, of course. None of that fairy French metric nonsense here!) And Monday? 49. There isn't that much snow on the driveway and it's going to melt anyway, so to heck with it.

Yeah, I can be pretty lazy.

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