atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#806: Kaze no Stigma is over.

Oh man what a story!

No spoilers here. But there were moments in the last episode where I gasped, "Oh! Fuck!" because of what was happening, particularly the climactic scene. The entire story was handled so well that the climax seemed to take forever yet also seemed over too quickly.

The denouement was perfect, too. Full marks for Kaze no Stigma--this is damn good stuff. Do yourself a favor and get it.

The flaws? Only 24 episodes! A series this good should be at least twice as long as this, damn it!

* * *

Pretty Cure is also over. The ending was logical and not very surprising--that is, when it happened, I realized, "Yeah, that makes perfect sense"--but although it's a happy ending, it could have been better.

Still, I've no doubt that at the time they were already planning Pretty Cure Max Heart, so in all probability what we saw in the last episode of Pretty Cure is partly setting the stage for PCMH.

Arienai Fansubs also engaged in some "shameless self-promotion" by cutting together every scene which showed Nagisa saying her catchphrase, "Arienai!"--"I can't believe it!"--and the total came to something like 107....

One scene showed Nagisa at her desk, doing something and saying "Arienai! Arienai! Arienai! Arienai! Arienai! Arienai! ...." and Mepple turned to Porun and said, "I think Nagisa is broken." And I laughed.

I interrupted my viewing of anime to write this. Now back to the anime.

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