atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#807: B. Hussein Obama FTW

Apparently Obama got the nod from Iowa. I took a gander at PDB and saw the linked post.

Hillary came in third.

The joke PDB made in that's not funny--it's not funny because there has always been something sinister about the Vince Foster affair, particularly in light of the rather long list of corpses which could be connected to the Clintons, both in Arkansas and DC. Just make sure to remember the phrase "plausible deniability".

Hilly ain't gonna take this laying down, particularly if New Hampshire--next week--returns a similar result.

Still, those are some pretty close numbers. Obama's win is pretty decisive--he got more than 5% more of the vote than Edwards did--but I wonder if it's decisive enough for him to capitalize on the momentum?

If Gore were in the #2 slot he'd be demanding a half-dozen recounts....

I expect I'll hear more about the caucuses tomorrow this morning when I do my usual AM surf through my usual sources for commentary and news. Like who got the Republican nod? I'm betting it wasn't my man Fred Thompson, though.

As for Hillary, I bet there were some lamps thrown behind closed doors at her Iowa campaign headquarters. Heh. And if Hillary did a "Dean Scream", she did it in a soundproof chamber.

I honestly think that an Obama candidacy for President would be better for everyone than Hillary doing it. Hillary is easier for the GOP to beat, but I think the GOP needs to learn a few harsh lessons about what its core voters really expect from the "not Democrat" party. (Little things like "limited government", for example, and "strong national security", and "border control"--you know, "rule of law", etcetera.) Perhaps a strong Democrat candidacy--which I don't think Hillary would provide--would get the GOP to stop trying to be "moderate Democrats" and start being the party of Ronald Reagan again, damn it.

I want the GOP to stand up and kick ass. The press doesn't like us, and the press won't like us, so screw them! Let's stand up and say what we really think, tell the American public what we really stand for. Reagan did that in a media environment that was considerably less friendly than today's--there was no alternative media, no internet, just ABC-NBC-CBS-NYT--and look at how things went.

I want Ann Coulter and Karl Rove to work together on GOP strategy, damn it. Karl Rove because he's a brilliant strategist; Ann Coulter because she's utterly fearless and takes delight in the outraged bellows of offended Democrats.

All that aside, though, I'm thinking this may be a blip. Iowa's "flyover country", after all, and I expect New Hampshire to choose Hillary. It may come down to a serious battle of delegates--who will have a plurality come the Democrat National convention?--and the question could conceivably not be answered until the delegates' votes are tallied.

But in the same vein as PDB's joke, I have some advice for B. Hussein: Mr. Obama, whatever you do, do not ask Hillary to be your running mate.

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