atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#810: Code E and other anime

Code E (CE) is one of those series that I saw the title of, decided to check it out on ANN to see a synopsis, tried it, and ended up really liking, a lot. (Actually the same is true of Kaze no Stigma.)

I look for two things on ANN. I look at the synopsis and I look at the "poster" they have. That usually tells me if it's a story I'll like. If the artwork doesn't appeal to me but the synopsis does, or vice-versa, usually I'll still give it a try. If both are good, it's a definite.

I sometimes look at the rating graph to see what others thought, too, but that's not as important in my evaluation.

The opening credits of CE are a bit misleading. The opening theme is "spy music", but of the first eight episodes, seven include almost no "spy" stuff. Ep eight is where the story begins to show signs of having anything whatsoever to do with the OP...which is interesting, considering it's a 12-ep series.

I really like it, though. The main character, Chinami Ebihara, is really likable and cute. The other characters are interesting and well-constructed, too, and so far there is one person who may or may not be a bad guy, but we haven't seen much of him yet.

Eight eps into Myself; Yourself I've come to the conclusion that the story is developing just a little too slowly for my taste. It's not egregious, though. I'm wondering how they manage to resolve anything by ep 12--but I'll find out.

I've now seen two episodes of Goshuusou-sama Ninomiya-kun and it's entertaining. This is primarily a fan service vehicle, as others have noted; while it's a bit predictable at least it's not annoying.

Finally, I saw ep 1 of Minami-ke. (I am taking a bit of a break from Pretty Cure, you see.) Everything was okay except for the fact that all the girls seem to have harelips because their mouths are all shaped like teardrops. It's kind of annoying. If you downloaded the Ayako fansubs' version, don't read the manga they scanlated first, because it'll give away all the jokes in the series.

Of the series on my current playlist, Code E is my favorite. This one's an excellent series.

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