atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#815: Welcome to the police state

Social services can do this with impunity: send SWAT teams to bust down your door if you don't do what they want you to. (Remember Elian Gonzales?)

The kid in question got a bump on the head and his father didn't think it was anything to worry about. The government thought otherwise, and sent paramilitary cops to his house to force him--literally at gunpoint--to do what some social worker thought he ought to do: take the kid to the hospital and get him checked out. For a bump on the head.

My little trip to the ER, at the beginning of December, cost $2,500. And I only went because I passed out; otherwise I would have gone to see my regular doc the next day. Any wonder the kid's dad didn't want to take his kid to the hospital? Particularly when the kid didn't need it?

The raid on this guy's home took place 48 hours after the kid bumped his head, and 24 hours after some well-meaning busybody called paramedics. When the kid was evaluated by doctors, they found nothing wrong with him.

* * *

The Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora is facing more legal issues. It's been discovered that they violated the zoning laws: the paperwork filed showed that the "Gemini Office Development" application was for a for-profit business...and PP is a non-profit business. To further add fuel to the fire, PP got about $8 million in grants from the State of Illinois because it's a non-profit business.

There are several other issues with the siting and construction of the building and grounds which violate Aurora city codes and zoning laws.

To summarize: PP lied, and lied more, to get permission to build a big non-profit abortion clinic in a spot which local zoning laws prohibit. They were allowed, for some reason, to bypass procedures called for in city laws regarding city review of building plans.

This is kind of fun to watch, really.

* * *

That's all for today. I woke up tired and I'm going back to bed.

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