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#816: in lieu of anything original, more news digesting.

Remember the kid who was forced to go to the hospital at gunpoint?

Doc: Put ice on the lump. Do you want painkillers?
Boy: No.

"Authorities have declined to explain the reasoning for the court order for the medical evaluation, and SWAT team entrance into the home." That's okay. They can explain when the guy's lawyer subpoenas everyone, because he has said he is going to sue--and I'm glad to hear it and I hope he wins enough money to buy a freaking aircraft carrier.

Hillary brings up the waterworks. Crocodile tears. Bet on it.

I've just started thinking about making a list of "Hillary Clinton facts" similar to the Chuck Norris facts you see everywhere these days. Only the HC facts won't be cool.

Example: "Hillary Clinton is incapable of crying. When she needs to simulate tears, she clenches her jaw until brain juice seeps past her eyeballs."

Another story about the Federal deficit. This one claims the deficit is $4 trillion, not whatever number of billions the feds say it is.

I can accept the idea that the government doesn't use the accounting methods it says all corporations must use; that wouldn't surprise me at all, as our government has a long history of telling people "do as I say, not as I do"--but the article fails to explain well how they arrive at this $4 trillion figure, so I have a hard time caring about it.

In any event, the article says that the federal government owes on the order of $60 trillion. Stipulating that, I have to wonder how much of that is savings bonds? In any event that's six years' worth of GDP for this country, so if we could wave a magic wand and force Congress to stop overspending tomorrow, with a little fiscal discipline that debt could be paid down in a couple of decades. Sooner if things were done such that economic growth wasn't affected.

Remember the reporter who slapped a police officer? She been fired. "I don't give a f*** who you are! I'm a f***ing TV reporter, you f***ing dyke!" She allegedly said to the police officer.

Regardless, police officer wins, you cretinous wench. And now you are an unemployed TV reporter. I suggest you work on learning humility, dumbass.

An interesting take on the DC gun ban case. The dubious legal thinking--that the 2nd Amendment doesn't apply there--apparently raises the issue regarding who is and should be in charge of Washington DC. The Constitution specifically says that Congress is in charge, no ifs ands or buts--this being the case, the entire city government of Washington DC is unconstitional.

As I said, it's an interesting take on the situation. A must-read, IMHO.

* * *

So that 5" of snow we got a week ago melted, because temperatures have been over 40° for the past several days, and as of now it's been raining for more than 14 hours.

"Some flooding"--yeah. Including the only remaining window well this house has. Dad rigged a sump pump in that well to keep it drained, years ago. It works fairly well, but you don't get any warning when it stops working for whatever reason. This time it stopped working because...I don't even know why. I moved the hose this morning and it started working. Argh. Anyway, so a portion of the rug in the basement is soaked (again).

I spent about 10 minutes mucking out the window well once the pump drained it. It's still not 100% but it should work now, well enough at least for me to figure out what the hell I can possibly do to fix it.

My first idea is to run a new dryer vent somewhere else, rather than through that window, and to fill that stinking window well with as much concrete as it will hold. I think the only reason we have that window there is to let warm moist dryer air out; there used to be a similar window on the south side of the basement but it got filled in years ago because it flooded and leaked and made a royal mess whenever we got too much rain at once.

As for right now, the ground is so saturated that our main sump pump runs every 10-15 minutes and it is still raining. Cripes.

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