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#817: Shut up about New Hampshire and just tell us when it's over.

Why? Because I don't freaking care about the blow-by-blow. I will care, tomorrow, about the results of the primary there, but unless I am mistaken the goddamned polls haven't even closed yet there. So, until there is any real news about it, shut up.

* * *

Hillary Clinton once tried teaching people from the middle east how to do a sit-in. That event is now referred to as the Iran Hostage Crisis.

* * *

At work last night I bought a 100-disk spindle of DVD+Rs. I should now have enough disks to back up my anime.

This marks the first time I've bought a 100-disk spindle of DVDs. I've been buying 100-disk spindles of CD-Rs for years because it's the best (and cheapest) way to buy them. I usually wait for them to be on sale. Usually that works out fine, because it takes me a while to burn through a stack of blanks like that.

But I need them now in order to do my backup, so I bought 100 DVD+Rs at about $0.39 each, which isn't too bad.

* * *

I saw this on I Can Has Cheezburger:

That is the funniest lolcat image I've ever seen.

* * *

Last Friday at work, they were playing music as usual, but one station they had on played "A Turn of a Friendly Card". The entire B-side of the album, less an instrumental called "The Gold Bug", is a suite of songs which lent its name to the album, and they played it all.

That was made of awesome; it made my night.

(It's an album by the Alan Parsons' Project, BTW.)

In the same vein, then, last night I played "musical tasks" as I moved from place to place in the store doing what they told me to do.

1) helped with the truck unload
2) went to warehouse, did pulls, returned to store, went on break.
3) After break, I worked one aisle in groceries before I was
4) told to go to back room and help out; that order was modified in to having me do most of Receiving before lunch. After that, came
5) loading the big truck and going BACK to the warehouse.

The end result, though, was that I got to listen to my CD of anime OP and ED themes, and my copy of Kansas' Two For The Show. Which was nice.

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