atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#820: 25 DVDs later....

Yes, I've backed up more stuff. I now have 55 DVDs of anime, in data format, and just a few directories left.

My brain hurts too much for me to finish right now, though.

This is, without exception, the single largest backup I have ever done. I think it's even larger than all the backups I have ever done put together. 55x4.7 GB is too freaking much, damn it.

(Okay, it's in the neighborhood of 250 GB. It's really not all that much data, really.)

...but I've filled a 50-disk spindle to capacity with this stuff and I'm still not done. Arrgh etc.

I didn't watch anything new today, even. All I did was watch some Azumanga Daioh while CDs were burning. The AD is good stuff, though, and has a very high rewatch factor even after you begin to know all the jokes and where they are. I still laugh out loud when Osaka tries to predict the weather for the next day's sports fest by kicking off her shoe.


BTW, New Hampshire: the competition between Clinton and Obama was "too close to call" for most of the night, and suddenly Hillary pulls it out. I could mention my suspicions about ballot box stuffing and such, but y'all would just dismiss me as a paranoid nutjob, so screw it. I don't even care about it all that much, except that it's foreshadowing for what the general election will be like if she gets the nod.


...there was something else I was going to mention, but I can't remember what it was. Oh well.

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