atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#831: Meme contribution #2.

How the hell do I blog for 21 months and only contribue to two memes in that time? I'm falling behind the curve!

This time it's the album cover meme first brought to my attention by PDB. And here it is:

As with the former link, I didn't mess with the results at all. I just followed the rules as laid out there and presto. What a weird experiment in synergy or synchronicity or WTF-ever.

I didn't want to crop the image or change the aspect ratio, so I decided I'd do a "full" cover and include a track list. The song titles are approximately random, but if I'd been thinking I would have used internet joke memes ("all your base are belong to us" et al).

Still, I guess I'd better learn to play the guitar. With an album cover like that, I Bleed For This is going to have millions of fans to play for.

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