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#835: Wednesday news

What does "jihad" mean? "An Islamic "jihad" is an effort by Muslims to convince "others to take up worthy causes, such as funding medical research," according to a textbook that is being used for junior high age students in California and other states."

Yeah, and I'm Esther freaking Williams. What anus wrote that? Unless I am seriously mistaken the translation of the word "jihad" is holy war, and "holy war" < > "worthy causes such as funding medical research". As far as I know, "holy war" means "blowing up people who don't believe what we believe".

"And even at its most violent, 'jihad' simply is Muslims fighting 'to protect themselves from those who would do them harm,' says the History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond book published by Teachers' Curriculum Institute."


Homosexual behavior spreads MRSA. "MRSA" stands for "methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus", AKA the "superbug" that's been in the news lately. Medical folks have known about it for a while; heck, when I worked in the nursing home in 2003 I worked with a couple residents who had MRSA infections.

The idea that gays are transmitting MRSA to each other is not really all that surprising. The so-called "gay lifestyle" includes lots of unprotected, promiscuous sex, and that's why HIV blew through the gay community so quickly.

"Why don't we learn?" Ask some. Why? Because the gays who got HIV in the early 1980s died, for the most part. They can't learn anything. They've been replaced by a generation of homosexuals who think that HIV is the worst thing they can get from such behavior, and of course there are drugs to limit its effect on people. *sigh*

I wish the CDC&P would close down the places which are spreading these diseases. We shut down a hot dog stand if we think its kitchen is a bit too dirty, so why are we not closing places that have a proven track record of spreading fatal infections?

No, don't answer, because I know why: homosexuals will start screaming about being "oppressed". Meanwhile, how many innocent people will end up dead because they don't know the meaning of "self control" and must bugger each other approximately at random?

It's not illegal to be a moron...yet. But if you live in Virginia and want to express your complete lack of good taste, you'd better hurry up, because it's just possible that your trailer-hitch scrotum may become illegal there.

I have seen a few vehicles with that sort of accessory. And you know, it only just occurred to me that it's the only thing I've ever seen that was even more stupid and pathetic than the "naked lady" silhouettes.

I don't think banning them is the answer, though. They're stupid and tasteless, but there are a lot of stupid and tasteless people out there, and they'll find a way to express that even if you do outlaw car scrotes.

Besides, the bigger the truck, the smaller know. They have to compensate somehow.

Possible new reference for "black". No, this has nothing to do with Jesse Jackson or gangster rap. It's a nanomaterial which has a reflectivity of 0.00045, the lowest ever.

It's made by stacking carbon nanotubes vertically. Light shining on the ends is absorbed.

Is there anything the inanimate carbon rod can't do?

Next year, McDonald's must start selling the "0.113 kilogrammer". Oh, I guess that'll be an "eighth kilogrammer", as 0.125 kilogram is 1/8th of a kilogram.

This is no joke: "It will even become a criminal offence for McDonald's to sell a 'quarterpounder'." But in Britain it's illegal to sell any commodity in any units other than metric, and soon it'll be illegal even to refer to non-metric measurements when you're selling something--so yeah, selling a "quarter-pounder" will be illegal.

People are being arrested for selling stuff by the pound. Excuse the shit out of me, but what exactly is the name of the British unit of currency? The pound? What are they going to call that, the "0.454 kilogram"?

World news outlets conveniently omit telling us who burned churches in Kenya. It's muslims, for the record. (Hey, does this mean I can add "burning churches" to the list of "good works" that are included in jihad?)

The muslim-backed candidate lost and the Christian-backed candidate won. So muslims went nuts and rioted and burned Christian churches, and the media just decided not to mention that inconvenient little fact.

Walter Williams talks about California's remote thermostat nonsense. But since people don't want us to exploit our natural resources, and since most of them think you can conserve your way to prosperity, this kind of crap will probably become commonplace.

The practical upshot of all this is that if you don't conserve, the goverment will make you conserve, and you don't have a say in how much they can make you conserve.

As for me, I'm pretty adept with electronics, so I would just wire a patch around the remote-programmable thermostat and set my temperature with an old-fashioned one. (This would probably leave me open for fines and jail time, I bet.)

I would like to say that these econazis are going to be royally embarassed in 20 years when we start setting new records for cold weather, year-round, but they have no shame. They'll just start saying "pollution is causing global cooling!" again, like they did 30 years ago, and use the exact same evidence to "prove" it.


Michelle Malkin on getting a good GOP candidate. She rules when she sits in for Bill O'Reilly.

Muslims endorse Ron Paul. Of course they do. One of Paul's planks is ending the war in Iraq now, thus handing a major victory to Al Qaeda.

And while you're at it, I suggest you read the rest of today's Neal's Nuze because it's chock-full of goodness.

And finally, another Hillary Clinton fact:

Hillary Clinton can get blood from a turnip. All she has to do is yell at it.

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