atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#836: I watched 45 seconds of Azumanga Daioh dubbed.


Osaka sounded like she was from Georgia. And she sounded a lot like Chiyo-chan, too. Argh etc. In fact, Osaka's accent was uneven, too. no, the world of dubs has not gotten any better.

Since Mr. Kimura's voice is provided--in the Japanese version--by the same actor who provided Mr. Fujisawa's voice in El Hazard, when I feel like quoting Mr. Kimura I've taken to using my imitation of the dubbed Mr. Fujisawa (Michael Sorich) to quote the lines.

< fujisawa >"For the teenage girls! I love 'em!"< /fujisawa >

(Incidentally, at that link, they misspelled "Fujisawa".)

Every once in a while I wonder what the hell happened to Mr. Kimura that left him with that eternally shocked and dismayed expression.

* * *

People have got me wondering what was so bad about Moetan ep 6 that it was never broadcast. There is a raw (untranslated file) floating around the internet but no fansubbers have bothered with it, either. Ep 7 is now available.

What the hell do they do? I mean, Moetan is a relatively harmless magical girl semi-parody in which the main character is a 17-year-old who looks no older than 10. I'm guessing the show was never broadcast due to nudity/sex, but I fail to see how the producers of the thing could have made it that damn bad that it had to be ashcanned--it had ecchi moments in it but generally it wasn't hentai, so WTF? It almost makes me want to find the raw and have a look at it, just to see what all the shooting is about.

The American release of His and Her Circumstances was edited for content, because the main characters have sex in one episode and they're "underage". I got a copy of the fansub of the thing after buying the commercial release in its entirety...and the net difference was one still image of him on top of her, under the blankets, with nothing but their heads showing.

So I have a fair level of confidence that whatever it was with Moetan, it must've been blown 'way out of proportion.

* * *

I'm going to have to find Vampire Princess Miyu TV, dang it. I heard some of the music today and it got me to thinking about how I'd like to watch that again. Argh etc.

Well, that's how it goes, I suppose.

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