atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#840: June 10th??

I'm looking at to see what I can order, manga-wise, from them. The Border's near here has a crappy selection of manga and I want to start filling in holes in my collection.

Strawberry Marshmallow volume 4 came out in July of 2007. When is volume 5 due out?

JUNE FREAKING 10th, 2008

WTF--WTFF is that about? What the hell kind of crap do you call that, making us wait eleven months for the next freaking book? It's not like this shit is being published in Japan and they have to wait for a book's worth of issues to be released; the damned anime is 100% available here and the books haven't gone farther than about episode 6 in the series. This is ludicrous.

I guess I'm going to use that gift certificate to buy some Ann Coulter instead. WTF.

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