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#842: Spam, false confidence, and buying music online

Claire Frey wants to be shot.

boermansassen uses what I am pretty sure is a hacked e-mail account to tell me that Our Love Will Last. I don't even know who the hell this person is, but the last woman who told me something like that broke up with me a scant two months later. So piss off, you asshat.

Xmas store apparently hasn't seen those commercials which say, "timing is everything". Christmas has been over for more than three weeks, and I estimate that it is not less than 11 months and 6 days before next Christmas. So piss off and take a look at a calendar, you asshat.

Guadalupe Floyd wants to sell me tainted drugs. Piss off, Floyd.

delphi is the only spammer in today's batch who knows what he's talking about.

* * *

Maybe "false confidence" is not the right term, but this article made me shake my head.

Part of the problem is that the problem itself is not defined correctly. Teens are confident that inventions can solve environmental issues such as "global warming, water pollution, and fossil fuel depletion".

1) Global warming: in 25 years, when the high temperature for the summer is about 85, we're all going to wish Al Gore had been right. We don't need "inventions" to solve this one. What we need is to be rid of "inventions" like Al Gore's hype.

2) Water pollution: this one's so easy it almost defies logic. Anywhere you have a business taking water from the environment, and then discharging it again, you simply require that their discharge pipe be upstream of their intake pipe. That's it. Because then the business has a vested interest in making sure the discharged water is clean.

3) Fossil fuel depletion: the market will take care of this. This isn't really an "environmental" issue, anyway.

* * *

Today I got around to redeeming an gift certificate I got for Christmas. As noted earlier I couldn't spend it on manga (argh) so I had a look around for alternatives.

I bought Bluetech's Elementary Particles & Prima Materia, which contained songs I had heard on Musical Starstreams and digitized from recordings of said program. I also bought a few individual tracks, including Witchcraft's "We Rest", which I have wanted since about 2005.

I don't know what kind of music Bluetech is, but I like it, and the combined two-album set was $9 as an MP3 download.

The whole thing was convenient enough that I am now cudgeling my brain, trying to think of other rare tracks I want. One, "Ripping Off The Monks" by Karl Moeller, is not on there; but I used to have a list of songs that I was looking for--and God alone knows where that list is now, since it's been years since I even thought about it.

Oh well. It's not like the gift certificate will evaporate if I don't use it right away. And, worst case, I can always get me some Ann Coulter.

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