atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#848: Anyone who's owned a cat understands.

Kitty gets ride in suitcase. "'Hi, you're not going to believe this, but I am calling from Fort Worth, Texas, and I accidentally picked up your husband's luggage. And when I opened the luggage, a cat jumped out.'"


Mars does not need women. Looks like they have at least one Orion slave girl there. And she doesn't need a pressure suit to survive, either. :rolleyes:

Stupid kid whines for a snow day over three lousy inches of snow. Whining brat. Someone ought to kick his ass for him.

Why doesn't she say "f--- Mohammed" instead and see where that gets her?

Drew Peterson, suspected of murdering not one but two wives, apparently has a waiting list for who gets to be his next honey. This guy needs to be beaten with a pipe, wired to an old engine block, and thrown into a river. (Assuming he's guilty, of course.)

Young people vie for Darwin Award. Combine drunken stupidity with a Subaru Impreza WRX and you end up with three mangled corpses after the car hits a light pole at 100 MPH.

The police don't know who was driving; the article doesn't say who the car belonged to, but none of the deaders is older than 23.

There are those of us who would love to own something like a WRX who can't because of asshats like this. The damn car is expensive enough, but the freaking insurance is insane because so many asshat kids end up driving them through houses or killing themselves in various ways.

The Subaru Impreza WRX is too much car for anyone below the age of 30, IMHO. Parents who buy these things for their kids need to be beaten with sticks. "Oh, it's just got a four-cylinder engine; how fast can it be?" That 4-banger has a turbocharger and it makes two hundred fricking horsepower. It is made for going fast. *sigh*

Meanwhile, one asshat's sister is comforted that he died "doing what he loved". WTF is that about? He wasn't fighting fires or terrorists or crime; he was going 100 MPH on a city street while drunk. That's not noble; it's not even sensical.

It's a stupid way to die and the only thing you can say about this is that at least they didn't kill anyone else while they were being indefensibly stupid.

There's a thread on the Fiero forum in which some moron complains that his Fiero's front end "wanders" when he's going faster than 120 MPH. Stupid asshat.

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