atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#849: Spamola

"Step inside a new world of well-hung guys!" Exhorts Garland D. Carson. But I am not gay, so I will decline this disgusting offer.

gilles.thomet dreams of me. That's entirely appropriate, considering all the mind control experiments I have performed on him over the years. One day soon I will program him to go spray-paint "TED KILLED MARY JO" on the wall of the Kennedy Compound.

gold-capital wants to know if I have a large-format printer. Sorry, guys; 8.5x11 here. I can't even print legal size since I retired my old HL-8e.

On second thought, I will send gilles to shove Mervin Mcfarland into a cement mixer, thus eliminating my pain. (One of them.)

mori writes to inform me that I am in his soul. (Her?) Ha! My mind-control experiments are bearing fruit at last! One day soon, all will read the Fungus!

Kirk Gomez thinks he has identified the focus of evil in the modern world. He's wrong.

Ramiro Evans misses the boat by at least 29 days. He's next to get a visit from gilles.

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