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#851: Have I got news for you!

A ton of links this morning:

Larry Elder on the relative differences between liberal and conservative. Particularly, how they tend to look at each other. It's no surprise to me; I've known for years that liberals view conservates as "stupid/evil/crazy".

Joseph Farah talks about Charlotte Perry. "Who the hell is Charlotte Perry?" You ask. She's the person who would have gotten a job with the State of Arkansas if Bill Clinton hadn't needed to shut up Gennifer Flowers.

Ann Coulter slams John McCain. Good for Ann. I love her.

Southern drought causes problems for nuclear power plants. This is a serious issue. Because of the way a nuclear power plant must be designed, you can't run a nuclear plant without an external source of cool water. Those big cooling towers are for cooling the water before it's discharged into the environment again, not for cooling the reactor itself.

CNN article on street racing.
Gavin Simcoe hadn't planned on nearly killing himself. He was just with a couple of buddies that night of September 25. But street racing came up. There was trash talking about whose car was faster.

"I said, 'I think mine can beat yours,' " Simcoe says. His friends agreed, "let's go out and do it then."

They chose a straight two-lane road. It had hills, something Simcoe needed for a running start because first gear in his 1993 Honda Civic EX didn't work.
Okay, if you don't have first gear in your car....

What a moron.

This could have been bad. A veteran's museum turned out to have a piece of live ordinance, in this case a helicopter gunship rocket. Oops.

Attacks on Border Patrol agents increasing. Of course they are. There are two BP agents in jail right now for shooting a guy, a drug smuggler, who--after getting immunity in exchange for testimony--continued to smuggle drugs into the US. Why should these guys stop trying to hurt our Border agents when we're putting our own guys in jail for doing their jobs?

In your face, Islam! Conservative Christians eat Mohammed cookie on the air. Awesome!

American Airlines to offer WiFi. When I was still a technical writer one of the projects I worked on was the service manual for a WiFi router. That was in 2000--that's right, we've had the technology in place to do this for seven years. WTF.

SpaceShip Two! This is the kind of thing we need more of. I'm glad they're moving forward with this stuff, because it's for damn sure that NASA isn't going to.

Michell Malkin also slams John McCain. I love Michelle Malkin, too.

* * *

I saw this headline on WND's BizNetDaily page:

Economic turmoil overshadows Davos party

...and every time I saw it--every time--I read it as "Economic turmoil overshadows Davros party".

Davros is, by the way, creator of the Daleks.

I really need to get out more.

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