atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#852: Karma hits ya in the face like a 18 pound sledge!

"When the Hammer Falls Down" by Sammy Hagar. It's a good song, and it lent a line to the Fungus today because I got to hear about karma in action, for once.

The operation of karma is usually invisible to us. Someone is a pisshead and we don't see or hear about justice being done, and must have faith that he is getting "served", or will, at least. But last night was different.

I wrote, last week, about the Gain Disaster, in which I dropped about five cases of 1.5 gallon bottles of Gain detergent from a pallet that was about 20' up.

The other guy who usually does Receiving was going around telling everyone about my screwup and apparently getting a huge laugh out of it: "Ha ha, listen to what that doofus did! I'd never do that!"

...and then he did.

It's rare that someone gets a well-deserved comeuppance so immediately. Several people that he had talked to about it made a point of coming over to me and telling me about him dropping detergent from a pallet. I think I heard it from at least four people, one of whom is one of our executive team leads. Heh.

There are basically two types of people who work in Receiving: those who have dropped stuff, and those who will drop stuff. No one is perfect; and furthermore, the way merchandise is pulled from those pallets inevitably leads to unstable or shaky stacks of stuff. I make a point to go up with the Wave and re-stack things when they get too far from an even keel, even if I'm not planning to do anything else with the pallet.

If you do that job, it is only a matter of time before something comes crashing down. And if you go around making fun of someone else's mistake, and bragging about how you'll never do it, you are asking to have it happen to you.

Ha ha fucking ha.

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