atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#856: Spamola again!

Laurel Conklin, meet your new best friend, the SPACE BAR! (NO, it is NOT a place where astronauts go to get drunk!)

I apparently am offering months at a discount rate! I'm going around doing business behind my back! Is this why I never have money? Because I'm selling months at disastrously low prices? Buy now and save!

Considering that we've already used about 83% of January, though, this isn't much of a deal.

Hunter Hatfield gets mentioned on the Fungus by mistake. I have been ignoring all the stupid "replica" ads because they're stupid, repetitive, and boring. As I've said before, "replica" either means "counterfeit" or "parody", such as "Rollex" or "Armony". And I don't even think the real thing is worth owning, so why would I waste money on a "replica"?

Santiago Murphy gives me something to talk to Steve, at work, about. "Hey, Steve, if you start using this nickname you might start having better luck with the chicks than I do!"

Dr. Marie Benson gives us hope! Hope that we all can have a better future! That's what heroes do! So I'm sure that a sex hero will lead us all to the promised land! A place where everyone--

...okay, I'm going to stop that right now before I have to change the "adult content" label to "adult concepts". But it would have been funny, damn it.

WTF does that even mean, "sex hero"? How fricking stupid.

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