atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#861: Wake me when ef--a tale of memories is over.

I just finished watching episode 7 of that series (F) and good lord is it tedious.

I can almost excuse the "art student" animation of the latter half of the episode, but when I find myself yelling at the TV, "Okay, WE GET IT, MOVE ON ALREADY!" it's obviously crossed a line that shouldn't have been crossed.

Miyako is going on a date with Hiro, but Hiro is standing her up because his childhood friend Kei hurt herself while playing basketball, and he's helping her. He also left his cellphone at home.

So Miyako, waiting for him at their rendesvous point, keeps calling and calling and calling him, with increasingly desperate messages. And the producers of this stuff WAY OVERDID this bit. They went beyond tedium into "STFU FOR CHRIST'S SAKE YOU WHINY BITCH" territory.

This is after, by the way, they over-animated a sequence between Renji and Chihiro, too. O Gawd did they over-animate that crap. Real people don't move like that. They just don't.

Kei--who formerly had declared war on Miyako, and said she'd erase her from Hiro's heart--erased all her messages before Hiro-kun had a chance to hear them. To be honest, I was glad; not just because I don't particularly like Miyako, but because after all that BS with the text of her messages appearing on the screen and no other animation whatsoever for SIX FREAKING MINUTES, I want her to disappear.

From the scene with the phone messages, right to end credits--then a little extra afterwards showing Kei deleting the messages. Finally a scene with real animation and decent pacing. Without that, the entire last thirteen minutes of the episode would have been utter shit.

So far this series has alternated between "really good" and "God-awful". The last half of ep 7 is of the latter category; in fact it's the worst that this show has been so far. Good God, what a mess.

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