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#862: A miserable night, Tuesday's news & comments

Monday night at work I lasted about two hours before asking to be excused. Everything was fine until the truck unload was done, and then I began to feel sick. Throwing-up sick.

I drove home in a fog, forcing myself to concentrate on driving; once home, I lay in bed and crashed hard. And right now I still feel crappy, but the gastrointestinal symptoms have receded to minor gripes.

Gut, WTF?

* * *

NYC wants to license detection equipment. Yes: they want to pass a law that will put you in jail for owning an unlicensed geiger counter. (Or air sampler. Or...)

Well, I suppose there's no provision in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights defining the right to keep and bear hazmat detectors. Still, one would think that such a heavy-handed application of law would at least seem like a bad idea to some people.

But no! Individuals are too stupid to handle the responsibility of checking their own air for radioactivity, asbestos, etc--so they must get permission from police to have such equipment!

Let's just call this one "America flirts with totalitarianism, chapter 91."

This time, Sony wins. It's looking more and more like HD-DVD is going to lose the format war.

Thirty years ago (Jesus was it that long already?) Sony had Betamax and a consortium of other companies had VHS. Sony had a superior format (better quality video) but was stupid about licensing the technology, and by the time Sony corrected its recto-cranial inversion, VHS had caught on.

This time, Sony was a bit smarter about things. Blu-Ray looks to be the odds-on favorite for the high-capacity DVD format prize.

Vox Day's book stuns some. "Godless detractor after reading book: 'Trust me, it wasn't pretty'". Heh. Maybe I have to buy this book after all.

Carjackers turn GTA into murder due to stupidity. "I'm going to steal your car! WTF, it's stick! I'll kill you for owning a car I can't drive!" I hope the two murderers get caught and sent to jail for a long time.

This is the face of socialized medicine. Little kid sticks a Q-tip in his ear and the end breaks off. He stops hearing in that ear. Parents take kid to doc. Doc says, "Duhh...ear wax...." Nine years later the Q-tip end comes out of the kid's ear and he can hear again. How the hell does a competent doctor miss seeing a foreign body in the kid's ear canal?

This is what we can expect if we have Hillary-care foisted on us.

I haven't bought a new Ford since 1996. This is an interesting article on the possible effect of a boycott against Ford, brought by the American Family Association (AFA) due to Ford's pro-gay policies.

AFA's "Boycott Ford" site.

I decided against buying another Ford sometime after buying my last new car just because I wanted something made by a different company. If I was going to buy new, I had decided--long before this boycott started--it would be GM or Chrysler. Or maybe I'd even buy a Hyundai. It wasn't just a case of "spread the wealth"; Ford had nothing I wanted to buy.

Then Bill Ford got in as chairman, the PC nonsense started, and I said, "Well, it's not my problem anyway, is it?"

But Ford is hemorrhaging money. They lose a whopping $5,000 on every car they sell--and that can't last forever. I don't know how much of this is due to the boycott. I do know that Ford's product line is lackluster; there's nothing they make that I want, not even a Mustang.

Interesting point: a new worker formerly would earn $28 per hour, but with new contracts and such a new worker will earn $14 per hour. $28 per hour is fifty-six thousand dollars per year. This is for a job which can be done by someone fresh out of high school. And that doesn't include benefits, either. Jesus Christ.

...the article makes the point that if 85,000 "boycott participants" had bought Fords last year, Ford's posted $620 million loss would instead have been a $63 million profit.

Maybe political correctness is costing Ford more than they think.

IF the Tesla car doesn't have to have an airbag, why do others? They got a waiver, so they don't have to design, build, and test airbag systems for their cars. Must be nice.

Of course, they're going to build about 3,000 cars in the next three years (the cars cost $98,000 each) and that's not exactly "high volume".

How impressive: an electric car with a 220-mile range which costs as much as a freaking house. Watch people line up to buy 'em. *sigh*

"What You Have To Believe To Be a Republican Today" tripe, debunked. In detail.

Hot plane. Pity this is from the 1960s.

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