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#866: Bad drivers and the news.

Last night on my way to work, I saw some legendary bad driving. I mean, "Yukari Tanizaki" bad.

I was northbound, pulling into the left turn lane, preparing to make a left turn. The Dodge Neon which was sitting at the stop sign, waiting to make a left turn into the northbound lanes, apparently decided he didn't want to wait for me to make the turn. He pulled out.

...totally heedless of the minivan coming from the other direction. There was a car making a right turn onto the side street, and I guess the moron in the Neon didn't see the minivan.

In that instant I saw three possible outcomes:

1) Van strikes car, car smashes into me.
2) Van avoids car but smashes into me.
3) Van avoids car and me but smashes into another northbound car.

None of those happened, thank God. The van swerved through the intersection, past my right side, and finally came to a stop on the shoulder of the northbound side of the road about 30 feet behind me, all without hitting anything.

If there had been any kind of collision I would have hung around to tell the cops what I saw. The asshat in that Neon nearly ruined a bunch of peoples' days--and all because he couldn't stand the thought of waiting a few seconds.

* * *

Citi Group doesn't want gun business. That's the only conclusion I can come to. CitiBank doesn't want people to use their credit cards to buy guns.

Not that it matters to me. I paid off my Citi card and canceled it years ago.

Global warming will make ocean currents move faster, not slower. At least according to one researcher.

It takes electricity to make ethanol. Factoring in the electricity use, I wonder what the rate of return is for ethanol? I'm betting that it makes ethanol production a net consumer of energy.

Nader thinks of joining Presidential race. This would be soawesome. Forget the effect it'd likely have on the Democrat race; I just want the Demokrats to start firing off lawsuits and stuff to stop Nader. The same Democrats who said that Ross Perot's candidacy was good for America.

This is something I have said for years. I always thought it likely that marajuana would be worse for you than tobacco--and now we find that yeah, it is worse for you than tobacco. Heh.

Mercury has odd feature on its surface. It's always interesting to learn new things about the other planets of our solar system. NASA's unmanned program has always been great. It's a pity their manned program sucks so much ass.

WTF, "Canadian" now means "black" in the American south? So instead of saying "n----r" or whatev, racists now say "Canadian"?

That makes no sense to me. Then again, they're racists; what do I expect, literary genius?

Besides, Canadians--I mean, people from Canada--are just about the only ethnic group left that we can make fun of, eh? These southerners are ruining it for everyone.

The easy way to fix this is to stop mandating "summer blends". This article doesn't mention that the "akylate" used in summer blends is an oxygenator mandated by the EPA to reduce smog-forming pollutants.

Ann Coulter talks about McCain. I don't know what I'll do if McCain gets the nod. Cast my vote against Hillary? Sit out the election? To me, a vote for McCain is a vote for a Democrat in all but name. He's a liberal Republican; always has been, always will be.

So in the event of a "Hillary vs. McCain" election, what do I do? Will there be someone else I can vote for who isn't willing to take my guns, cancel my free speech, tax away all my money, and let illegals take my job for half my paycheck? Is there another candidate who is going to take the fight to the terrorists rather than let them perpetrate more attacks on our soil?


Shell Oil reports record profits. Go Shell! Good for you! At least someone is making money off $100 per barrel oil; and the more that oil companies profit, the more people will decide to get into the business of pumping oil. 2-4 years from now oil will be selling for $50 per barrel again.

Chicago is the sixth most miserable city in the US, according to Forbes magazine. I am not even remotely surprised by this revelation. It ranks ahead of New York City but behind Los Angeles.

* * *

Apparently we're to get in the neighborhood of 8-11 inches of snow tonight. I am so glad I don't have to work tonight!

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