atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#868: Meet the new router; same as the old router. Argh.

The Belkin has been disconnected and placed back in its packaging, with the receipt taped to the box. It's going back, because it does the exact same things the Airlink does.

And it's at least 3x harder to make it let uTorrent see the rest of the Internet.

I was halfway through an on-line procedure to have the router set up to let uTorrent see the Internet when the router itself locked up. I said many bad words.

When I realized that I would also need to call tech support to get the DNS IP address, I gave up. I know what that would be like:

Me: Yeah, hi, I need to know the IP address of the DNS.
Tech support weenie: Yis, foorst you must clear all cookies.
M: No, you see, I'm trying to set up a static IP so I can enable port forwarding on my router, and all I need from you is the IP address of the DNS so I can do that.
TSW: Yis, yis. Please to eliminate router, and connect directly.
M: That won't help. I need the router in place.
TSW: We moost eliminate the router in order to troubleshoot your issue.
M: No, we don't. I've told you what I need: I need the IP address of the DNS. Give me that and I can solve the problem myself.
TSW: We need to make sure the router is not the problem.

...and it would go on like that. Eventually I would be driven mad with rage and would then bend all my efforts to building a device which would let me stab people in the face via a telephone connection. I'd probably lose my job if I did that.

Not to mention that once I made it clear that my problem was not with actually connecting they would then try to sell me a static external IP address, which I don't need. I just need to know the IP of the DNS so I can assign a static IP to the computer--and the only reason I need that is because Windows won't let you select a static IP and still have it automatically detect the DNS. No.

That, you see, would be easy. Windows Vista is not about "easy", at least not if you want to do anything more complex than play Freecell or write letters to Aunt Tillie.

Anyway, so the Belkin router is going to get returned, because it doesn't solve the problem that I bought it to solve--namely the hard lock problem where all Internet access ceases--and it makes my life a lot more complicated and/or annoying.

Try to access a web site--any site, at random--and the browser would churn a bit and return "http://www.[XYZTHETA].com could not be reached." Click the link again, spoing, there was the page.

I should have known it was all going to be a mess when I was able to plug it in, turn it on, enter the WEP code and such, and have it work. Argh etc.

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