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#870: Rabbit, rabbit!

I forgot it was Feb 1 and got up before reciting the magical phrase which guarantees good luck during the coming month. Dang it. So my first post will have to do. (No idea if this will work, though.)

Ignroamus calls 911 for a "Saturn VII". Panic in the streets!

Sing along, folks: most poverty in the United States is relative, not absolute.

A study in Science magazine on abiotic oil. Thomas Gold was saying this about a decade ago and it's a theory I read with some interest. (Sadly, the URL I saved in my bookmarks file has 404'd. Damn.) It turns out there's actual scientific evidence to suggest that oil does indeed have an abiotic origin, that it's not "dead dinosaurs" or fossilized Carboniferous plant matter.

If this is so, then "peak oil" becomes a null theory, because the oil doesn't go away: the deposits re-fill over time. (And, in fact, there is an oil field in some Scandinavian country which was thought to be depleted, and in which oil has been found. Go figure.) It means we probably will never run out of oil unless we start using it at such a prodigious rate that we exhaust the resevoirs--and even then, they'll fill up again eventually.

* * *

...but the month has not started well for me. I went out to blow the driveway, and found that the snowblower's engine won't turn the augur when the augur is in contact with pavement. Took the side over off, found that the belt was way too loose; so I tightened the tensioner a bit, put the cover back on...and now the engine stalls when I try to engage the augur. F it! It's going to be in the 40s by Monday anyway, so to hell with it.

We seem to have gotten in the neighborhood of 11 inches, though. This has been quite a snowy winter, unusually so for Chicago. I guess I shouldn't have said that owning a Jeep and a snowblower would prevent that, hehehe. Oh well. This way, the guys who own landscaping companies and such can make money plowing parking lots and driveways. It's an ill wind which blows no one good; and at least this way some people are making some money.

Some whiny bitch on the news this morning was complaining about how hard it was to be out in the snow all morning. She probably makes more in a month than I did last year, and she probably only stood in the snow when they were actually going to broadcast; otherwise she could be inside the heated vehicle which had dragged her sorry ass out there.

Apparently she's from Puerto Rico. Well, if you can't stand a Chicago winter, go back to Puerto Rico. I'll take your job! Or--here's an idea--let's switch jobs for a couple months. You do my job and I'll do yours. We'll trade paychecks, too. Then let me hear you bitch about being outside in the snow. Jesus.

She said she'd talked to her mother earlier; apparently it was 77° in PR and her mother was wearing a turtleneck sweater. People from the tropics don't know what cold is.

* * *

I worked with a couple people from Puerto Rico, though. (One's from PR and the other's family is from there, anyway.) Nice folks. And one coworker is from Jamaica. She was complaining one summer day about how hot it was, and I had to ask: "Uh...aren't you from Jamaica? Isn't it hot there?" Well, she was from the mountains in Jamaica. Ah.

* * *

And so here we are: the snow is still falling, I have to go to work tonight, and anime calls to me. See ya!

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