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#871: Saturday morning linkfest!

Faster FLASH RAM. And it's about time. 200 megabytes per second read, 100 MB/s write--that's pretty damn fast.

WTF is going on in the Persian Gulf with the undersea cables? This is the third one this week.

"[S]he has been likened to heroines from cult Manga comic strips. Yeah. Code E. It's kind of funny because when I read the headline for this one I was going to make a Code E reference. Heh.

Terrorists use mentally disabled women as human bombs. That really shows us the "religion of peace" at its finest, doesn't it?

I bet this will cost a packet. The idea of luxury cruises aboard airships is not at all new--they were doing it in the '30s--but I expect this one won't be filled with hydrogen or painted with freaking thermite. One may hope, anyway.

This is the kind of genius which built America. The idea of putting pancake batter in an aerosol can like whipped cream or "processed cheese food" is one of those ideas which is only obvious after someone has gone and done it.

Seeing the headline, though, I was reminded of a scene in Heinlein's Rocket Ship Galileo where one of the boys finds that the Nazis have canned their bread. "Clever, these Nazis," remarks their mentor.

Kathleen Parker comments on the NAG NOW gang's ire over Kennedy's decision to support Obama rather than Hillary.

Remember my posts on the grey BMW? Here are more details.

One day before the kid killed himself and four friends, he posted this on a BMW forum:
I completely understand where you are coming from, assuming that I am irresponsible...that is definitely understandable. I do sometimes make bad decisions but I am young and I do drive safe and I will not endanger the lives of others.

Do tell. Apparently this is some new definition of "safe" with which I am not familiar. Seeing as his "safe" driving has resulted in the deaths of himself and four others, I doubt I'll learn his interpretation of "safe", at least from him.

The article mentions that the skid marks suggest that the car was sliding sideways when it left the runway. I despair of describing simply what that would mean for the car's motion while in free fall, but suffice it to say that it would only aggravate an already bad situation.

And it was the kid's father's car. Big surprise.

Link to M5 message board about the wreck.

The thread started by the teenage driver.

The kid driving the car had had four traffic tickets in the two years he'd been driving. He got one of them four days before he killed himself and his friends. (Do you know how many traffic tickets I got before I was 18? ZERO. In fact, I didn't get a ticket until I was 20. What was it for? Driving on expired license plates.)

Powerful cars and teenagers do not mix. If you have to buy a car for your kid, do not buy him something fast. If the kid wants a fast car, make him buy it himself and don't let him trade in the car you bought for him on it.

Finally, looking over my spam box today, I saw the following subject:

"A well hung SCHLONG will get you places you've never been before."

First, a man is "well-hung" when he has a large SCHLONG. I fail to see how the SCHLONG itself can be "well-hung". But that's a minor issue compared to the other one, which is that I don't get how having a large penis will get you anywhere.

You go to an exclusive nightclub. The bouncer won't let you in--so you whip out your "well hung SCHLONG" and then he lets you in?

How the hell is having a larger penis going to "get you places you've never been before"? I'm a bit fuzzy on the causality of this. It's like the ones which say that you'll get more chicks if your penis is bigger--how the hell can they tell? I mean, come on already, the only way I see that working is if you never wear pants--and I can assure you, not wearing pants is a good way to end up in jail but it sure as hell won't make women lust after you. More like the opposite of that.

Even better was this one: "Newly formulated and chemically improved med for the treatment of ED only in men". "Only in men"? What other sex has trouble with erectile dysfunction?

The spam just keeps getting dumber and dumber, I swear.

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