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#873: Sunday morning stuff

News, a bit of spam. Nothing major.

Federal judge says "okay" to penalize businesses which hire illegals. Awesome: "...the community's ordinance penalizing local companies that hire undocumented workers is not pre-empted by federal law, does not discriminate against Hispanics and does not violate due-process rights or state law."

No; what the law does is make it much harder for illegals to find work, which will induce them to go to places where they can find work. Hopefully they end up "self-deporting" and returning to Mexico or wherever they came from.

We don't really need new laws for this to work, though. All we need to do is simply enforce the laws already on the books. (This is, by the way, actually true for a great many issues we face today, from "road rage" to gun crime.)

Captain America is packing heat! And he damn well ought to. More superheroes need to carry guns. The only hero who doesn't need a gun is Superman, and that's because he can just throw or spit stuff at super-speed. (Well, him and Chuck Norris. Who also doesn't need a gun, but carries one anyway. He shows you the gun and then says, "I don't need this to kill your ass," and then roundhouse kicks you into your grave.) (Even if it hasn't been dug yet.)

How freaking scary would Wonder Woman be if she could both deflect bullets, with her bracelets, and fire them at criminals? Suffering Sappho!

NFL is a bunch of jerks.

Ten most overrated careers. "Medical scientist" is number six, but it's no surprise to me, after hearing my sister's tales. For her, when she only has one crisis to deal with at a time, it's a vacation....

If you click on a career it takes you to a page describing why it made the list and what alternatives you could select which might be more rewarding. They were actually honest about what a Democrat in the White House could mean for "physician"....

Department of Children and Families employee arrested on child pr0n charges. Yeah, now they plan to start doing background checks on new hires.

* * *

No image, just comments on today's two spams.

dalil Nittman says, "Your large instrument will come in handy." Sorry, Dalil; I don't play the tuba.

The National City Corporation Consult NC Services says, "National City Corporation Commercial: Submit Your Account Records". The identity theft industry is apparently trying the direct approach. "Hey, you! Tell us your bank account number!" The sad part of this is that it will probably work.

* * *

It's a bit early in the year to think about bicycles but I saw a nice aluminum-frame dual-suspension mountain bike at work, on clearance, for $40. It was in the back, though, so I have no idea WTF was up with it. Pity I didn't see it while it was still on the sales floor.

* * *

One of those times when you really need a spectrum analyzer department:

I noticed, last night, that the sound coming from my Dolby 7.1 system is of inferior quality when it is sourced through the DVD recorder. I then put the exact same audio CD into my 22-year-old Toshiba XR-40 CD player, and it sounded fantastic.

I balk at thinking a 22-year-old CD player has better sound quality than a modern DVD unit, except for one thing: the CD player cost $200 in 1985, when a Mustang GT cost about $16,000. It was a bit spendy (because of the technology inside; in 1985 CDs were new) so it had to sound good. These days we take for granted that "digital sounds good" so perhaps the audio output from the DVD player isn't optimized all that well.

These days a Mustang GT runs about $30,000 or so. I have some distate for thinking that the dollar is worth only half as much as it was 22 years ago, but every example I think of works out about the same way. Candy bars, magazines, books, etc--all have a sticker price approximately double what they were back then.

(I don't consider the price of gasoline, as its price is not fixed. In 1987, for example, gas cost $0.90 per gallon in 1987 dollars. It's now more than three times that. Only some of that increase is due to inflation.)

...and so here I am, contemplating buying a CD player with a remote control, and in adjusted dollars it should run about 1/4 of what the Toshiba cost in 1985. That's progress, I suppose.

I only hope it sounds good.

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